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With the Open Access movement continuing to grow, there are an ever-increasing number of Open Access books on various aspects of IP law and policy. Of course, very few deal directly with Indian law and that’s something we hope gets remedied over time – but in the meanwhile, there are a number of very well written Open Access books on foreign aspects and general principles of IP law that should keep the IP enthusiast quite busy. We’ve attempted to list a number of useful books below. Outside of the list below, the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center has a great collection of their own Open Access books, 37 at last count, available here. And Prof Grimmelman has put together a well categorized list of ‘inexpensive and open-access’ American IP textbooks here. There are some other fantastic resources out there, such as the Database of Open-Access Books (DOAB), the Open Textbook Library, and the Open Access Publishing in European Networks (OAPEN). However it does take a bit of sorting and searching to find books that one may find useful. So, we’ve listed several of those books in our list below.

This list has been put together in no particular order and will continue to be periodically updated. And the presence of a book on this list does not mean SpicyIP endorses the quality or contents of the book. Additionally, the term “open-access” is being used loosely, to include various types of open licenses – the primary objective being to provide readers with a list of IP books they can legally access without payment rather than focusing on any specific type of license. As with our list of Non Open Access IP Books, we request readers to let us know of notable omissions (and mistakes, if any) in the comments section of this post.


Author/s or Editor/s Title Publisher Year Subject Matter Indian PoV Foreign PoV
Eric Von Hippel Democratizing Innovation (link) MIT Press 2006 Innovation No Yes
Murphy Halliburton India and Patent Wars (link) Cornell University Press 2017 Patents Yes No
Gaëlle Krikorian and Amy Kapczynski (ed.) Access to knowledge in the Age of Intellectual Property (link) Zone Books | The MIT Press 2010 Patents, Copyright, TRIPS, A2K Yes Yes
Ashish Bharadwaj, Vishwas H. Devaiah, Indranath Gupta Multi-dimensional Approaches Towards New Technology (link) Springer Open 2018 Patents Yes Yes
Ashish Bharadwaj, Vishwas H. Devaiah, Indranath Gupta Complications and Quandaries in the ICT Sector – Standard Essential Patents and Competition Issues (link) Springer Open 2018 Patents, Others Yes Yes
Kung-Chung Liu,
Uday S. Racherla
Innovation, Economic Development, and Intellectual Property in India and China (link) Springer Open 2019 Patents, Copyright, Plant Varieties, Others Yes Yes
Ramesh Subramanian and Lea Shaver (eds) Access to Knowledge in India: New Research on Intellectual Property, Innovation & Development (link) Bloomsbury Academic 2011 A2K Yes No
Burton B. Callicott, David Scherer, Andrew Wesolek Making Institutional Repositories Work (link) Purdue University Press 2015 Copyright No Yes
Jesús Lau, Anna Maria Tammaro & Theo Bothma Libraries Driving Access to Knowledge (A2K) (link) De Gruyter Saur 2012 Copyright, A2K No Yes
James Boyle & Jennifer Jenkins Intellectual Property: Law & Information Society Cases and Materials (link) Duke Center for the Study of the Public Domain 2018 Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, TRIPS No Yes
James Boyle, Jennifer Jenkins and Keith Aoki Theft! A history of Music (link) Duke Center for the Study of the Public Domain 2017 Copyright, Others No Yes
James Boyle The Public Domain – Enclosing the Commons of the Mind (link) Yale University Press 2008 Copyright, Others No Yes
James Boyle & Jennifer Jenkins Bound by Law (link) Duke Center for the Study of the Public Domain 2006 Copyright No Yes
Barton Beebe “Trademark Law: An Open-Source Casebook
Version 6.0 (Summer 2019)”(link)
New York University School of Law 2019 Trademark No Yes
Peter Drahos, Susy Frankel Indigenous peoples’ innovation: Intellectual Property Pathways to Development (link) Australian National University Press 2012 GI/TK, others No Yes
Monirul Azam Intellectual Property and Public Health in the Developing World (link) Open Book Publishers 2016 Pharmaceutical Industry, Patents and Others. No Yes
Ronan Deazley, Martin Kretschmer and Lionel Bently (eds.) Privilege and Property: Essays on the History of Copyright (link) Open Book Publishers 2010 Copyright No Yes
Sean Johnson Andrews The Cultural Production of Intellectual Property Rights (link) Temple University Press 2019 Culture, Intellectual Property, Others No Yes
Laikwan Pang Creativity and its Discontents Chinas Creative Indutry and Intellectual Property Rights Offenses (link) Duke University Press 2012 Copyright, Others No Yes
Mariano Zukerfeld Knowledge in the Age of Digital Capitalism (link) University of Westminster Press 2017 Others No Yes
C. Armstrong, J. de Beer, D. Kawooya, A. Prabhala, and T. Schonwetter Access to Knowledge in Africa: The Role of Copyright (link) UCT Press 2010 Copyright, A2K No Yes
Hector Postigo Digital Rights movement: Role of technology in subverting digital copyright (link) MIT Press 2012 Copyright, Others No Yes
May, Sarah; Sidali, Katia Laura; Spiller, Achim; Tschofen, Bernhard (eds.) “Taste | Power | Tradition
Geographical Indications as Cultural Property”(link)
Universitätsverlag Göttingen 2017 Copyright, Trademark, GI & Others No Yes
Gavin Salomon Kotze, Esmé Desiré du Plessis, Simon Barratt Brown, Megan Moerdijk, Kelly-Marie Thompson, Jennifer Pienaar, Nicolette Garnett, Nthabisheng Phaswana Adams & Adams Practical Guide to Intellectual Property in Africa (link) Pretoria University Legal Press 2012 Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks & Others No Yes
Kochi Hishida Fulfilling the Promise of Technology Transfer (link) Springer 2013 Technology Transfer, Patents No Yes
Janis Jefferies and Sarah Kember Whose Book is it Anyway? A View From Elsewhere on Publishing, Copyright and Creativity (link) Open Book Publishers 2019 Copyright No Yes
Nagla Rizk and Lea Shaver (eds) Access to Knowledge in Egypt
New Research on Intellectual Property, Innovation and Development (link)
Bloomsbury Publishing 2014 Patents, Copyright, Trademark, A2K, Others No Yes
Petr Szczepanik, Pavel Zahrádka, Jakub Macek, Paul Stepan Digital Peripheries: The Online Circulation of Audiovisual Content from the Small Market Perspective (link) Springer Open 2020 Copyright, Others No Yes
Lea Shaver (ed) Access to Knowledge in Brazil (link) Yale Law School 2008 Patents, Copyright, A2K, Others No Yes
David Koepsell Innovation and Nanotechnology
Converging Technologies and the End of Intellectual Property (link)
Bloomsbury Open Access 2014 Patents, Others No Yes
Daniela Benavente Economics of Geographical Indication (link) Graduate Institute Publications 2012 GI No Yes
Rebecca Giblin, Kimberlee Weatherall What if we could reimagine copyright?(link) ANU Press 2017 Copyright No Yes
Susan Corbett Making Copyright Work for the Asian Pacific: Juxtaposing Harmonisation with Flexibility (link) ANU Press 2018 Copyright No Yes
Eric von Hippel Free Innovation (link) MIT Press 2016 Innovation No Yes
Julian Phillip Christ Innovative Places in Europe:Research Clustering, Co-Patenting Networks and the Growth of Regions (link) Peter Lang International Publishers 2012 Innovation, Patents No Yes
Supriyo Das, Ignasi Brunet Icart Innovation Policy of European Chemical Companies (link) Publicacions URV 2016 Innovation, Patents No Yes
Mireille van Eechoud The Work of Authorship (link) Amsterdam University Press 2014 Copyright No Yes
Corinne Tan Regulating Content on Social Media: Copyright, Terms of Service and Technological Features (link) UCL Press 2018 Copyright No Yes
Claudy Op den Kamp The Greatest Films Never Seen: The Film Archive and the Copyright Smokescreen (link) Amsterdam University Press 2018 Copyright No Yes
Melanie Dulong de Rosnay and Juan Carlos De Martin (eds.) The Digital Public Domain: Foundations for an Open Culture (link) Open Book Publishers 2012 Copyright No Yes
Jonathan Band and Masanobu Katoh Interfaces on Trial 2.0 (link) MIT Press 2011 Copyright No Yes
Peter Suber Open Access (link) MIT Press 2012 Copyright No Yes
Lawrence Lessig (8 titles) 8 books: Republic Lost; The USA is Lesterland; One Way Forward; Remix; Code Version 2.0; Free Culture; The Future of Ideas; Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace  (link) MIT Press 2012 Copyright, Others No Yes
John Palfrey Intellectual Property Strategy (link) MIT Press 2011 Other No Yes
James Grimmelmann Patterns of Information Law –
Intellectual Property Done Right (link)
Self Published 2017 Patents, Copyright, Trademark, A2K, Others No Yes
Matthew Sag Extended Readings on Copyright (link) Self Published 2019 Copyright, Others No Yes
Daniel Burgos Radical Solutions and Open Science: An Open Approach to Boost Higher Education (link) Springer 2020 Copyright, Others No Yes
Ellen ‘t Hoen The Global Politics of Pharmaceutical Monopoly Power: Drug patents, access, innovation and the application of the WTO Doha Declaration on TRIPS and public health (link) AMB Publishers 2009 Patents, A2M, Others Yes Yes
Ellen ‘t Hoen Private Patents nd Public Health: Changing Intellectual Property Rules for Access to Medicines (link) Health Action International 2016 Patents, A2M, Others No Yes
Stephen Kinsella Against Intellectual Property (link) Ludwig Von Mises Institute 2008  Others No Yes
Peter Drahos A Philosophy of Intellectual Property (link) ANU eText 2016  Others No Yes
Jessica Litman Digital Copyright (link) Michigan Publishing 2017  Copyright No Yes
 Berkman Centre for Internet and Society Copyright for Librarians: The essential handbook (link) EIFL 2012  Copyright No Yes
Dr. Till Kreutzer Open Content: A Practical guide to using Creative Common Lincense (link) Wikimedia and German Commission for UNESCO 2014  Copyright, Others Yes Yes
 Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine Against Intellectual Monopoly (link) Cambridge University Press 2008 Innovation, Others No Yes
The Michelson 20MM Foundation  The Intangible Advantage: Understanding Intellectual Property in the New Economy (link) The Michelson 20MM Foundation 2016 Patent, Trademark, Copyright No Yes
Aram Sinnreich The Piracy Crusade: How the music industry’s war on sharing destroys markets and erodes civil liberties (link) University of Massachusetts Press 2013 Copyright No Yes
Lars Eckstein and Anja Schwarz (eds) Media Distribution and Cultural Production in the Global South (link) Bloomsburry Open Access 2014 Copyright, Others Yes Yes
 Jayashree Watal, Anthony Taubman (Eds) The Making of the TRIPS Agreement: Personal Insights from the Uruguay Round Negotiations (link) WTO 2015 TRIPS Yes Yes
 Open Sourced Open Source Case Book (link) Google open Patents, Trademarks, Copyright Yes Yes

[Last updated on 29th June 2020].

If you would like to suggest a book to be added to this list, please leave a comment with the name and where the book can be found, in the comments of this post. Those who would like to check out our other list of IP Books (Non Open-Access), please click here.


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