Rings on your fingers, Bells on your toes – Karimnagar goes for Silver

Karimnagar a district in Andhra Pradesh has bagged a G.I for the fine filigree silver work that is typically manufactured in this area. It joins the elite list of G.I holders, which includes the Ikat of Pochampally and the Kondapalli toys.

Sure to make shopping for silver trinkets and handicraft items in Hyderabad a more pleasurable experience, the silver digger can perhaps look forward to more authentic stuff. The Silver Products that are made in Karimnagar are delicate handicraft items made by curling, twisting and plating fine wires of silver or gold into different works of art.

A joint initiative of CII Andhra Pradesh Technology Development Centre(APTDC) , the District Rural Development Agency and the Karimnagar Craftsmen, the G.I certificate was issued by the G.I Registry Chennai on Tuesday the 29TH May 07. It’s all about team work guys!

The initiative to file the G.I launched in October 2005 passed through the entire process of evolution that included extensive dissemination, education and sensitization of the G.I process before coming a full circle this Tuesday. A noteworthy case of grassroot, social activism and top level agency working hand in hand towards the desired end. This would be a good model to emulate for other craft forms as well, especially the ones that are languishing.

Guaranteed to add to the intrinsic brand value of the craft both in domestic and international markets the GI would also ensure a better economic value for the goods. As such the importance of obtaining a G.I for indigenous and territory specific crafts cannot be emphasized enough. A G.I registration confers upon the craft a legal identity that precludes others from infringing on native art forms or making cheap replicas.Adds to the pride of the place and the joy of right livelihood to the local artisan.

May the G.I tribe increase!


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