Genome Valley Bags Certification Mark

Chandrabbau Naidu, the Ex-Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh can wear the moniker ‘Biotech Babu’(‘Babu’ is the Indian honorific for a senior officer) with aplomb and pride. Having spearheaded the Bio-Renaissance in the state, that placed the City of Hyderabad on the Biotech world map, the State ,thanks to the Babu ,has become the forerunner in producing cutting edge innovation and R&D in the fields of bio-all.

Bio-all that encompasses the field and flurry in the areas of bio-informatics, medics, agriculture et al.

Bio- all and Buoyant all the way!

Located in the State Capital of Hyderabad, is Indias’ first state-of-the-art biotech cluster providing world-class infrastructure to over 100 biotech companies. Spread over 600 sq. kms, the GenomeValley is a natural cluster for biotech research, training, collaboration and manufacturing activities.

Home to major Pharma companies and various centers of excellence such as the Centre for Molecular Biology, DNA Finger Printing, and the ICICIknowledgePark, the GenomeValley has grown in strength and reputation to earn the ‘most favored destination’ amongst MNC conglomerates desirous of setting upBio/Pharma operations in India.

Key player contributing to the growth momentum in this direction has been the CII that acts as the nodal agency for policy, regulatory and outreach activities happening in the Biotech arena in the State.

Noteworthy initiatives of the CII include the establishment of the IPR Cell in association with the Andhra Pradesh Technology Development and Promotion Center (APTDC) and Govt. of Andhra Pradesh with the primary aim of creating a strong IPR base in the state, to enhance the quality of Invention, Innovation; fine tune the institutional and Policy issues and shore up the patent regime. Working in close alliance with the GenomeValley innovators, this has provided a great thrust to IPR activity to preserve the Bio- assets that emerge out activity in the Genome valley.

As a result of the IPR policy and protection measures undertaken by them, The IP juggernaut is on a fast forward in the State of Andhra Pradesh. Having notched up a fair number count with G.I registrations, the Certification mark that was recently granted by the U.S for the GenomeValley is another shot in the arm for the City of the Jolly Nabobs.

Genome Valley was issued a registration certificate for the certification mark (Intellectual Property Rights) by the United States Patent & Trademark office (USPTO), headquartered in Virginia , Alexandria, U.S.A

Genome Valley, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh is India’s first state-of-the-art biotech cluster providing world class infrastructure to over 100 biotech companies. Spread over 600 sq. Kms, the genome valley is a natural cluster for Biotech research, training, collaboration and manufacturing facilities.


It has also been granted a community trademark (Intellectual Property Rights) in the European Union in the year 2005. The Industries and Commerce Department, Government of AP, is the authorized user of the Certification Mark. This is a major milestone for the Govt of Andhra Pradesh to promote the brand name of genome valley in U.S.

CII – Andhra Pradesh Technology Development and Promotion Centre (APTDC) with the support of the Govt of AP started working on the project of registration in 2003. There was a huge need for registration of the “GenomeValley” symbol in US and Europe as to draw more foreign investments and promote the cluster.

The symbol of “Genome valley” has also been filed in India for registration and is now under the process of grant.

Certification marks are one form of Intellectual Property Rights, usually given for compliance with defined standards. They may be used by anyone who can certify that the products involved meet certain established standards. An important requirement for certification marks is that the entity which applies for registration is considered “competent to certify the products concerned”

A certification mark is any word, name, symbol, device, or any combination, used, or intended to be used, in commerce with the owner’s permission by someone other than its owner, to certify regional or other geographic origin, material, mode of manufacture, quality, accuracy, or other characteristics of someone’s goods or services, or that the work or labor on the goods or services was performed by members of a union or other organization.

Footnote :I wrote this blog on my train journey to Bangalore…..alternating between writing this post and reading Khushwant SinghsTrain to Pakistan, my mental meanderings kindled thus:

Rising above the quagmire of challenges ranging from Colonialism, Feudal agrarianism, pathos of Partition, spills and spoils of the Raj, and now to mapping the human genome, has been a long interesting road, one that the country has navigated with skilful dexterity of a intrepid traveler who has successfully covered each milestone along the path and enjoyed every bit of the ride!

Borrowing flavor from Khushwant Singhs style of swishing wisecracks and earthy sense of humor….…..perhaps this blog should be titled the…The Fast Train to Hyderabad…..!!!!!!


  1. AvatarGenericIPguy

    I work in this premises, so here are my two cents:
    a) It is in the middle of nowhere.. every company has to arrange for its own transport.
    b) There is absolutely NO place to eat food outside the designated canteen. So, every guest that you have.. take him to a hotel around 15 kms+.


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