Update on the Super Basmati.

Pursuant to my earlier blog on the Super Basmati, I received queries and clarifications on the patent status

On probing and analyzing the issue, I find the Pak allegation that India has filed a patent has trickled down from the Pakistan media and found its way into the Indian Press room. The Indian media(and to some extent I) has quoted them verbatim and fanned the issue without any independent verification

On checking the Big Patents Database compiled by Prof. Bhaven Sampat, I was not too surprised (something that Shamnad had so rightly intuited pursuant to my earlier blog) to find that there is no Patent application for the Super Basmati. This is again the proverbial case of the media conflating IP terms.I cannot rule out with certainty that this is a ‘wolf call’ from the other side of the border and that the Indian press is toeing the line . A bit of both seems likely!

What comes across clearly is that there definitely exists a doctrinal and definitional confusion on both sides…one that none has cared to delve , study or fix.There is no official confirmation forthcoming from either the Registry or DIPP either , despite a round of calls to corroborate the facts.

Further,I have also come across reports in the media where it is said that India plans to register the ‘Grain’ as a national trademark.(whatever that means!)I await a definition on that as well.
This issue seems to be mired in confusion one too many!

What stands established is that a G.I application was filed some years back, one that is moving at snails space.

An appeal to the media again……IP rights are distinct in themselves and hold far reaching implications in the current global scenario. Flirtatious attempts at reporting IP issues are thoroughly misleading and a !!!!……waste of precious time leading to consternation and confusion over non-issues.

Should the media want to engage in some light hearted reporting to keep the pulse ticking, suggest innocuous activities like a walk in the park or dance in the dance to indulge amorous reporting instincts…..May well save us the trouble of groping in the dark based on flippant deliveries!



  1. Avatarmedicherla.ravi

    news has become a “product” of the media and obviously we should excercise the same caution regarding
    news as we excercise in respect of any other product !
    “even the hype regarding iphone can be attributed to

  2. AvatarAysha Shaukat

    True, a lot of it is indeed media soup. However having said that, here is an interesting statistic. A global survey by market research leader Ipsos indicates that a thumping 55% of Indians hold a positive attitude towards a media,…quite contrary to popular opinion and intution.

    A shot in the arm for the media, hope they continue to live up to it and commit to repsonsible reporting.

    Thanks Ravi.


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