Gizmo Talk:Apple Iphone

Gizmo Talk: Apple Iphone

A treat for all the music buffs and Apple aficionados___ a new blockbuster gizmo to get you in the mood. The new Apple Iphone, ,a music playing and web browsing device that was launched last Friday has created a mass hysteria of sorts.

Reuter reports

Crowds lined up at some of Apple outlets cheered as their doors opened at 6pm local time while smaller groups waited outside At&Tstores.The Iphone melds a phone , We b browser and media player and costs $500 to 600 depending on memory capacity. I haven’t slept in a day and a half said Grantson 41 , an accountant who was one of the first to walk out of Apple s Fifth Avenue outlet clutching the prize

Mr. Grant wish you great musical moments with your new buy…..hope it alleviates your insomnia woes!

Waxing eloquent on the Iphones’ other functional apps, it’s the perfect travel companion,a great toy to take to bed that could perhaps replace your favorite teddy, an exercise aid, or simply the upper to get you grooving and moving to chase way your blues while you work.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy indeed. Thanks to Steve Jobs, you can now sway to some good ole Don Mclean as you hold a telecon and download your excel spreadsheets.

Multitasking with music- music therapy the docs prescribe to improve workplace efficiency.

With harmonization of purchasing power parity, the hungry Indie Jones are sure to gather in droves to join the gold rush for this gizmo. Small and svelte in size and easy on the pocket, this just about makes a small dent on the Indian pocket. Small is beautiful, and affordable as well. I, Me and all that I flaunt an article that appeared in the Hindustan Times guest column writer Gautam Bhatia writes

With the Indian GDP rising to above 9 per cent, the visible path of progress is now measured by the objects that intrude into middle-class life. Day-to-day things acquire special status. At the fruit seller, apples are individually packed in a synthetic mesh; the vegetable vendor sells broccoli, stems packet in cellophane; pears from China sit snugly in plastic moulds, each individually labeled; the vendor himself arrives at the stall, packaged in Wranglers and a new Maruti. Everything and everyone is moving up in the world.

Unfortunately, in a traditional society, this seduction by newer forms and marketing techniques also produces unfortunate dilemmas

There are enough psychological studies damning the supposed inventiveness of new objects. A watch that provides prevailing wind speeds, heart rate, and blood pressure, humidity and temperature levels can no longer be called a watch (should it be available at the watch shop or the chemist?). Just the way a mobile phone with a camera, a calculator, and a microwave oven — the day isn’t far — is no longer a phone. When attachments overtake the original function, the implement loses its purpose. Too much convenience becomes an inconvenience.

Rightly said Bhatia-too much of a good thing is bad. But then again if you’ve got it then you might as well flaunt it!

The customer is evolving, the markets are demanding and tastes getting refined What is then to stop the likes of Steve jobs to leverage these givens and provide doses of feel good factors such as the Iphone in to the market. When skeptics ask why, it may also be appropriate to ask, why not? Human endeavor is not only about making advances in the area of Nano, genetic engineering or medical technology. Innovations in the areas that provide you with these little happy happy nuggets in life are worth the R&D as well.

Cause for concern would arise when happy psychology is based on Jonesing-I do it because my neighbor does, or I own it because my neighbor does!

What is real India? Is it here or is it in California? The subtext is are we indulging in original taste or simply aping our Western counterparts?

That said, what is original or real anyways?

Its lazy Sunday folks, my antique Ipod and some Alan Parsons….till such time I can lay my hands on the snazzy Iphone.


  1. AvatarPatent

    Well said Aysha. What is ‘real India’? We are engrossed in transforming ourselves into a western society that the very concept of Indianness has ceased to exist. iPhones,McDonalds,KFC, to name a few, are just manifestations/agents? of such transformation. When western society takes yoga so seriously after realising its folly of unbridled materialism,we Indians look up to their way of living with stars in our eyes.

  2. AvatarAysha Shaukat

    Hey Patent,

    Thanks for your comment.It is sad but true, that in an attempt to stay with the times we seem to making choices without application of the mind or being, only to realize much later that it is not in sync with what we stand for.

  3. AvatarAysha Shaukat

    Hey Shamand,

    Thanks for the link.I am an active proponent of metaphysics and believe that metaphysics finds broad application -even in the world of high tech gizmos.

    I would hold on to my Ipod, until I am convinced that the Iphone works well.Does not seem prudent to bring out the new and ring out the old in haste.


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