USV Ltd vs Eli Lilly: Copy of Decision Rejecting Lilly Application

I’m trying to lay my hands on the patent office pre grant decision in USV vs Eli Lilly, where USV successfully challenged Eli Lilly’s application for Forteo, an osteoporosis drug. I had blogged on it earlier here.

If any of you have a copy of the decision or know someone at USV Ltd that can give us a copy of the decision, please let me know at . I promised to review this decision in my earlier post–but have been unsuccessful in my attempts to procure a copy from the respective parties and their counsels. I guess not many people are in favour of transparency. The online petition and the letter to the PMO therefore comes at a good time.

On a related note, it bears mention that Sandeep Rathod (a leading patent attorney working with Matrix Labs) kickstarted a blog, along with Feroz Ali (who recently authored a brilliant book on pharma patents) to fill this gap. The blog reviews important patent opposition decisions from India. For those interested, please visit them here.

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  1. Dear Shamnad,

    Many thanks for mentioning me on your blog.
    I am trying to update as many decisions as possible on oppositions. Will upload the Esomeprazole hydrate decision, before this weekend.


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