Spicy Tidbit: The words "Indian" and "National" to be used only by government institutions

The All India Council of Technical Education has come up with the condition that private institutions may no longer use the words “Indian” or “National” in their names any longer. Many institutions have gotten their signboards re-painted to comply with this directive fearing derecognition as a consequence. The Times of India has reported this as a copyright issue though it concerns the Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act which doesn’t prohibit the use of these words.

The problems with this directive are many.
1. Why only educational institutions? Why not ban the use for restaurants, malls etc.
2. Is the use of these words really misleading? What’s in a name after all?
3. Under what authority has such a directive been formulated considering the law clearly allows the use of these words.

Opposing the 2002 decision of AICTE, Selvam Trust on Monday tossed a question for a SC bench comprising Justices Altamas Kabir and J M Panchal to mull – can there be a state monopoly over the words “Indian” and “National”.

The full article can be found here.

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