Spicy Tidbits: India on a roll- Filings galore!

India and Indian companies seem to have started off this quarter of the year with a filing bonanza! Just today, two applications were reported in the news from India- one granted, and the other filed.

1. The ‘Mysore Mallige’ – a variety of jasmine unique to Karnataka, was given the Geographical Indication status, giving the local community the exclusive rights to cultivate these flowers. The report extensively covers the lost glory of Indian botany, which was heavily coveted at one point of time. This has already been reported by SpicyIP here and here.

2. Reports have stated that Venus Remedies has filed its 7th patent application titled `A Low Dose Combination Anti-biotic Formulation` with the Indian Patent Office for an antibiotic that can be used for treating bacterial / multi-bacterial infections in children. The invention is novel, safe, non-irritating, highly efficacious and physiologically compatible.

Seems like India has finally arrived in the IP scene at least with regard to absolutely necessary minimum protection to be provided

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