SpicyIP Tidbit:KeralaGovernment approves IPR Policy

Living up to its reputation as an IPR savvy state,Kerala once again has taken the lead in formulating a State IPR policy aimed at protecting Traditional Knowledge and allied inventions

Excerpts from the Hindu:

Kerala Government on Saturday approved a state-specific Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) policy seeking to protect traditional knowledge and inventions.

Disclosing this after a Cabinet meeting, Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan claimed that Kerala was the first state in the country to bring out such a policy.

The crux of the policy was to protect and preserve the intellectual properties of the people ‘which were under assault in the context of globalisation and liberalisation’, he said.


  1. AvatarAnonymous

    Literary state natually goes into intellectual state there is no surprise. Kudos Kerala and as well as to Mr Praveen Raj!!! But unfortunately India is not having proper IP Policy. The stage has come the country has to see at Kerala.

  2. AvatarSyed Mohd Ali

    It is totally wrong to state that we in India do not have any IP policy, It was there earlier even now it is there even after so much halla gulla about amendments. Probably neither you or Praveen raj know about how to make use of the present Patenting law to the fullest extent. His TK ploicy about keral it self shows that how scant respect he has, to that even an anonymous fellow joins. Which is typical nature of an keralite, of course not all, it is only for those who think they have brain and they are geneious. Does Kerala has to suffer for these typical people, for upholding TK. Even in this policy it seems there are some ultirior motives. Its only public eye wash.


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