The Copyright Office: Kind of Blue

The first phase of the “modernization of the Indian Copyright Office” is on track, with the Office sporting a new blue online avatar. Long long overdue, is all I have to say. The domain name has not changed – – but the site is transformed from what it used to be until recently. You can see in this post screengrabs of the Old and New Copyright Office website (Left: Copyright Office Now – note to self: will not make stupid TV channel puns.)

What stands out (and what I’m silently celebrating about) is the introduction of online registration facilities, accessible directly by authors and rights holders. So, it is not just a superficial overhaul – there are some fundamental technical changes as well.

Previously, clicking on the link of “Registration Form” would direct you to a PDF version of the Form IV, which was of little help. Now, you can complete the form online, and follow it up with submitting the documents by hand or by post. They also have a Check List of guidelines that help in completing the Registration Form, making it incredibly simple for individual registrants to file applications themselves. There is also a flowchart indicating the Workflow of the Registry to help users understand the process of registration. It will be great to know how this system actually works out in the months to come – we’re confident readers will keep us posted.

There are better things to come: The next phase of the Copyright Office project, which will go live by 31 December 2009, will see all the records being digitized. Users will also have access to an “Online search facility” which will help locate details of copyright registrations for a fee.

And for those of you who have had the pleasure (!) of visiting the Copyright Office in the dingy backlanes of the Curzon Road Barracks in Central Delhi, it’s official: the office will soon be shifting to Jeevan Deep Building, Parliament Street. (My own grouses are (1) no more Andhra Bhavan lunches; and well, (2) Parking! – maybe at UNI/Metro station, and walk?)

It was only a few days ago that I was reading about the abysmal state of online affairs of websites of the Government of India. If any of you have recently visited (“The National Portal of India”), you will see what a mess it all is, although one can tell – GoI is trying hard… (Image: Copyright Office Then – RIP)

At any rate, I personally find this site relatively more attractive than the IPO website, which is aesthetically…um…a little wanting. Or maybe I am just partial to the colour blue, and miles davis. What’s your take?


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7 thoughts on “The Copyright Office: Kind of Blue”

  1. Leaving all the gloomy areas aside ( Curzon Road )copy right portal is now bl(ue)ooming . It is really a positive treading of getting the applicants/attorneys and others all the details of copyright applications on its website by 31st Dec.2009.
    Even it needs some corrections, some advancement in the nature of publishing the details of disputed matter before the Board and its decision and into it should be user friendly.
    Both Copy right Act and Rules are available under the heading of Copy right Rules. It should be corrected.
    It is a good comparison with the IPO website. It was last updated in july 2009. But the portal claims September 7.
    (Dinghy backlanes is to be corrected as Dingy backlanes.)

    Examiner of Trade Marks,
    New Delhi

  2. I did try the registration on the website…pleasantly surprised that it works(unlike the one on the patent office website which never seems to work)…have not tried filing an application online yet…will fill in more details whenever I use it…good work done…Kudos!!!

  3. Hi – thanks for your comments.
    #Anon Examiner – I guess I got too lost in the blue, and imagined myself to be boating, or maybe it’s the silly season in delhi that did it. Thanks for pointing out the mistake – duly amended.
    #Anon2 – tks for the feedback, good to know registration worked out fine. Now for the real stuff, eh. Keep us posted, if you ever try it out.

  4. Hey! I think now Government is trying too hard to impress youth and trying to move along with them….. I found this portal a good and appraisal step….good work and keep it up! Well this portal still needs lot of modification! As i found it a much better than the earlier one…Hope I’ll be able to submit my application soon here and not have to wait for longer period in line.

    Good Job!

  5. Love to see the hard work like this, I am sure they will gonna rock after last releasing of this site. I have found so many pretty things out there, check it out. You can Register your self, Login into it, and apply for the copyright of application (which was too hard in past days but not right now.) and you can see all the stuff attached with it like the PDFs of Act. some modification is required but GREAT WORK!!!

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