SpicyIP Tidbit: World Trademark Review launches blog

Spicy IP is pleased to inform readers of the latest entrants on the IP blogroll — the World Trademark Review (WTR) blog, started by our friends at the WTR which includes ace reporter Adam Smith. Adam is a regular commentator on SpicyIP, and has frequently brought interesting news and stories to our attention, for which we’re always grateful!

The WTR team tells us more about why the WTR blog is significant for the IP world, including fellow-bloggers like us:

“For eight years WTR has covered the most important trademark stories of the day, and has broken some of the most significant trademark stories of recent times, from exclusive analysis of the ECJ’s recent decision in the Google keywords case to news of how the top 100 globally protected trademark list has resurfaced on the domain name agenda.

WTR has the independence and objectivity to supply readers with information they cannot find anywhere else: we can interview the parties involved in a dispute, press trademark offices for their positions and statistics, and gather insightful opinions through speaking with leading brand owners. Assimilating this means that our specialist trademark journalists can strike at the commercial heart of every development in trademarks. WTR’s blog will therefore complement lawyers’ blogs and present new dimensions to industry debates, as well as highlighting and linking to other industry content.”

The blog is free and requires only a sign-up here. WTR also welcomes comments to blog posts and invites readers to email us with their thoughts.

As a special note for Indian readers, the WTR team invites people to write to them with news and trends on the Indian trademark scene, to which they want to give more in-depth coverage.

The SpicyIP team congratulates WTR on the new blog, and wishes them the best for everything ahead. And of course, we look forward to seeing India-related news over there more often!


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