SpicyIP Tidbit: TM Registry to be better staffed

Soon the Trade Marks Registry will no longer be over worked/ over burdened with the excessive backlog of applications.

Bar and Bench reports that to tackle the “backlog of about one lakh contested matters awaiting adjudication as of June 30, 2010″… “the Trademark registry has decided to engage [around 40] qualified retired government officials as Joint Registrar of Trade Marks on contract basis initially upto March 31, 2012.”

(Image from here)

The minimum eligibility criteria to apply for these positions are as follows:
i. Law graduate;
ii. Should be a retired Central or State Government official;
iii. Should have functioned in judicial or quasi-judicial capacity for a period of atleast 10 years.

With what seems like quite an attractive pay package (Rs. 50,000 per month), here’s hoping that this new proposal to staff the Trademark Registry works out well, and decreases some of that forthcoming burden that Sumathi pointed out here.

One comment.

  1. Bharadwaj Jaishankar

    Lets hope that this strategy does ease the burden on the Trade Marks Registry.

    One of my major concerns is whether the newly appointed ‘Joint Registrars’ would be able to appreciate the nuances of the contested proceedings and not deal with the contested matters as they may have done with other matters while working for the Government- improper application of mind, looking for easy way out etc.


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