Breaking news: Whistle blower researcher arrested after disclosing problems with voting machines

Breaking news:  Whistle blower researcher arrested after disclosing problems with voting machines:

Amongst others, Wired, NDTV India, The Register UK, and PC World have disclosed that a security researcher, Hari Prasad has been arrested after he refused to provide authorities with the name of a person who supplied him with an electronic voting machine that was used to discover critical vulnerabilities in the e-voting system.   Hari with two other researchers had used the machine to demonstrate how someone could hack voting systems to easily subvert an election.

The United States has already seen its fair share of cases against activists/students who publically disclosed flaws in a voting machine.

Given the fact that our whistle blower laws are actually quite weak, it remains to be seen how this particular case is treated.   Note that the researcher was not arrested for disclosing the flaw but for not providing the name of the person who provided him the voting machine.  He has also been charged with breaking into and stealing the machine.


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