Trademarking Munnabhai

Stranger than fiction this may sound but as Mint here reports, Munnabhai will soon be a trademark!
As Rasul Bailay reports in Mint, Vinod Chopra Films Pvt. Ltd, producer of the two Munna Bhai films, has filed applications to “trademark the two names under various product categories—from tobacco, rugs and carpets to automobiles, retailing, leather goods and baby foods.It has also filed trademark applications for firearms, ammunition and explosives, medical instruments, promotional materials, cards, carrybags, furniture, kitchen utensils, clothing, and dozens of other products”
The objective behind these applications is to safeguard the potential misuse of these immensely popular characters who rose to the hall of fame with the 2003 release Munnabhai MBBS
Trademark lawyer Neil Mason opines that the applications suggest that the company might be looking at licensing both the names for businesses. “Maybe eventually they are looking at merchandising,” he said. “These names are generally associated well with couple of characters and they probably want to utilize them.” 
However, the production house denied any immediate plans of licensing and merchandising.
It is interesting to note that the Trademark office has already raised objections against the applications as similar trademarks such as Circuit House and Circuit World already exist. Similarly,Murphy India Ltd (which was amalgamated with Ceat Ltd) holds the trademark registration for the name Munna,under radio receiving sets, record players, amplifiers and television gadgets among others.
This trademark application will surely be something to watch out for.

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