BPO obtains Patent Protection!

In a first of many more to come, 24/7 Customer, a BPO based in Bangalore has secured its first patent from USPTO for its innovative customer contact management system, as Business Standard reports here.

This system  enables a customer service center of a company to provide its customers with a choice of different modes for establishing contact with customer service representatives. The different modes of contact are displayed on a single web page. The modes of contact include, but are not limited to call, chat, e-mail and Internet talk. Further, the system provides information regarding the estimated wait time and the less busy time for the modes of contact. In addition, the system and method provide means for conducting a search in a knowledge database for automated responses to queries from customers.

The system and method enables the customer to provide feedback for each interaction with the customer service center through the web page. Further, the system and method enable the storage of all interaction between each customer and the customer service center.

PV Kannan, who is the co-founder and CEO of 24/7 Customer said:

“There is a wide gap between consumer expectations and customer service technologies deployed by companies. Our mission has been to bridge that gap and enable consumers to experience the power of prediction in customer interactions be it sales or service through our innovation labs. This patent is a result of that mission.”

24/7 Customer has applied for 6 more patents in the field of customer interaction.

For enthusiatic readers who want to know the details of the patent, here is the link to the USPTO document.


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