Event: Workshop on Commercialisation Aspects of IPR

We have an interesting event update for the entrepreneurs among you who are in Delhi this month — The folks at the Indian Angel Network Incubator inform us that they are hosting a workshop on the Commercialisation Aspects of IPR in New Delhi on November 27, 2010, details of which are below.
I have also uploaded details on the SpicyIP events calendar which you can access here.

And of course, if you head over to the event, do mention you read this first on SpicyIP. For those of you who wonder why we keep asking you to do that, we are keen to understand how many of our readers are interested in attending such events, and whether you benefit from such attendance.


IAN Incubator
has initiated a series of workshops for entrepreneurs across different cities to educate aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups on challenges faced by them and help them in tackling these challenges better. “Commercialization Aspects of IPR” is the next workshop in the series. This workshop will educate students, start-ups, entrepreneurs & aspiring entrepreneurs on the Relevance of IPRs such as Patents, copyrights, trademarks etc and emphasize on it’s significance for growth of high-potential next-gen start-ups especially in the knowledge economy.

IAN Incubator is established by Indian Angel Network (IAN), India’s largest group of angel investors with the support of the Department of Science and Technology to help innovators and start-up technopreneurs convert their innovative technology/business ideas into investible ventures. The IAN Incubator is uniquely positioned to provide investor and industry connects, business mentoring, technical assistance, investment and IP advisories embedding a rich training and development program.

IAN Incubator differentiates in its offering from other players in terms of Quality of Mentoring, Deep understanding of start-ups business lifecycle, Improve the ability of start-ups to attract funds and a very effective core team with track record of start-ups development. The incubator focuses on a range of areas including are Software and Hardware, Patentable Products, Gaming & Animation, Internet/Web technologies, Telecom, Mobile/VAS, Cloud Computing, Cleantech, Healthcare, Retail and Education technologies.

Sameer Rastogi,
Partner, India Juris : Mr. Rastogi has more than 14 years of experience on advising and representing clients from almost all the major countries in various business sectors. His membership includes International Bar Association-UK, World Jurist Association-USA, European Association of Lawyers (AEA) – France, Indian Council of Arbitration and Indian Venture Capital Association. He is also president of Society for Technology & Intellectual Property (STIP). He is practicing Advocate and also a registered Patent & Trade Mark Attorney. India Juris is a full service International Law Firm having expertise in Business, Corporate, Litigation, Arbitration and Intellectual Property Laws. India Juris has won ‘Firm of the Year’ award in Labor and Employment category in IFRL Asia Law India Awards 2010.

Date : 27th Nov,2010
Place : Delhi

Registration fees : Rs. 250 per delegate

To register for the workshop, send an email to [email protected] or call at +91-11-40755717. We have limited seats and are purely on a first come first serve basis.
You can also read more about the event at the IAN Incubator’s LinkedIn page here:


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3 thoughts on “Event: Workshop on Commercialisation Aspects of IPR”

  1. It is nice have such a meetings, you can invite some of the Patent examiners also from Indian Patent office, as they lack vision and also learn the techniques of art of patenting.
    Of course we Indians never bothered about patenting. Thinking that Knowledge is wisdom, which is for everybody.

    We, from CSIR, have got good experience with some of the international examiners specially from europe, japan and china. It is very bitter and sour. some how managed to get few patents granted.

    As we also need good suportive patenting regime within India, the move including the IPO officials shall help us a lot. Probably they require more training than us for improving their stile of functioning.

    This is all I am commenting because we got good training from Dr Subbaraman, who is well known in this field, left Indian Patent Office and joined CSIR to facilitate patenting.

    If we get apatent granted after 7 to 8 years, we have face very acqured questions from audit as well as from parliament. also most of people are of the opinion that a single patent goes for commercialization, for which the ground work is entirely different.

  2. Thanks for putting my comments. Communication is important and understanding it.
    to my knowledge and also my educational background, what i understand is it Patenting is interdiscipinary one, comprising basic sciences and its applications and also law(patenting and national).
    or other wise one has to work just like CA or ICWA, practicing under some persons who have that back ground. It is proffesional just like engineering, medicine, ca, icwa etc.
    of course for second opinion we can go for specialized in the field of science, to get their views.

  3. Dear Dr Sumathi,
    What ever I have dealt with, so far on different subjects is only to educate. we can do a lot if we try to compensate each others positives.
    i understand that some of the monkey type of people wanted use this to beat me or trying to get advantage for them selves.
    Vedas are also misinterpreted, what is happened with my works also same. Finally hat i meant to say that Knowledge is wisdom, that is the light of the future. that light can not be kept under any thing. as it knows only how to excite others, and also has the capacity to shatter every thing by going into resonance and bringing every thing into that frequency modes of resonance. If one knows the effects of these radiations can also use it for the constructive way. That is abridging. Which is more practical than theoretical, that is beneficial to the humankind and also others on this earth

    Unless otherwise one has deeper understanding of the other subjects one can not do justification for the Patenting, which is an art by it self. which requires dedication, devotion and determination.

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