Ph.D Scholarship at IPR Centre, CUSAT

Spicy IP is pleased to announce the establishment of the Inter University Centre for IPR Studies (IUCIPRS) a centre of excellence in Intellectual Property Rights at the Cochin University of Science and Technology.

The main objective of IUCIPRS is to evolve into a research hub and resource center for IPR and related subjects. It also seeks to facilitate interaction between researchers from different universities and research institutions in India and abroad. The different areas of IPR that have been identified for multidisciplinary research are:

1. Access to medicine and patent law
2. Limitations and exceptions on intellectual property laws
3. Protection of geographical indications
4. Protection of Genetic Resources
5. Protection of Traditional and Indigenous/Tribal knowledge
6. Protection of Ayurvedic practices in Kerala
7. TRIPS obligations – Federal questions in India
8. Farmers’ Protection
9. Patenting of biotechnology
10. Protection of Plant Varieties
11. Information technology and law
12. Access to information / knowledge and IPR

The Center offers the following main programmes:

1. Visiting Fellowship: – The Center provides an opportunity to teachers and researchers from India and abroad to associate with the Centre and engage in teaching and research in IPR related areas for a maximum period of six months.

2. Fellowship for researchers from other Universities in Kerala: – The fellowship is intended to facilitate researchers from other universities to be in the Center for short period of time for collection of resource materials, interaction with faculty and preparation of papers.

3. Ph.D. Programme: The Center offers a multidisciplinary Ph.D. programme with scholarships in IPR related areas to encourage researchers from different disciplines like law, economics, political science, history, science and technology etc. to undertake policy research.

4. LL.M Programme: – The Center, in association with the School of Legal Studies, also offers courses on Intellectual Property Rights for the LL.M programme of the school.

The scholarship is for a maximum period of 4 years. More information about the various programmes offered can be found at the website

This is a wonderful initiative by Prof NSG of CUSAT to help further the cause of IP education and research in India.


  1. AvatarRuwan Fernando

    I am a Sri Lankan Judge. I have just submitted my PhD thesis to the university of Colombo in the ara of patenting of biotechnology. can your university offer me short term fellowship for 2-3 weeks before my viva.


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