Rajya Sabha scheduled to debate Copyright Amendment Bill and Commercial Division of High Courts Bill tomorrow

Tomorrow’s, List of Business for the Rajya Sabha indicates that the Government is seeking to debate and vote on both the Commercial Division of High Courts Bill, 2010 and the Copyright (Amendment) Bill, 2010. Both these Bills were scheduled to be passed in Parliament in the last session which got washed out thanks to the BJP’s protest against the appointment of the Lokayukta in Gujarat by the Governor without consultation with Modi & Co. We had blogged about these Bills over here and here.

It is highly unlikely that Parliament will find the time to debate both bills tomorrow. The Commercial Division of High Courts Bill, 2010 is listed as the second Bill tomorrow and it is very likely that the debate over this Bill will take up the rest of the day. This means that the Copyright (Amendment) Bill, 2010 will most probably not be debated tomorrow. However it is impossible to predict any of this with certainty since the schedule is subject to change. Those of you interested in following the debates can view the webcast of Rajya Sabha T.V. over here
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