Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property Management Inaugurated by Government

The union Minister of Commerce, Industry and Textiles, Shri Anand Sharma inaugurated the National Institute of Intellectual Property Management (NIIPM) building at Nagpur on the 21st of July, 2012 and named it the “Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property Management” .
The primary objective appears to be to train professionals to deal with the recent surge in patent applications in India. There was also an announcement of the decision to establish the India Intellectual Property Foundation, which the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP) will set up in collaboration with CII and WIPO at NIIPM, Nagpur.
The Press Information Bureau has a notification up on its websites, available here.
(Hat tip to Onkar Singh for sending us this link)


  1. Avatardebasish basu

    the course offered by the institute is ineffective & no practical value or skill development course.
    the course authority know nothing about the reality nor have any practical exposure to market requirement.
    only theoretical lecture & wastage of money , time everything.
    they are showing the online filing for a fraction of second through projector which is not visible & clear out of the tatal course hours..
    they are charging exorbiting money for the course material for only enrichment of teacher to become orator & there are many good & chip hotel available but they are obviously stick for certain hotels name for their own gain.
    the authority must bring those professional who have digital signature for filing on line filing of patent , trade mark & design, user Id & password & 1st of all, authority should show how to file online filing of TM/ design & patent.but they will not follow the same .
    i can conclude ,that its a worst course offered by the authority which will not serve the purpose of student/professional & advocate to fulfill their dream.it a misrepresentation of course offered by the authority & cheating to the candidates to save their face.they have huge no of employee but no jobs &with these course fees they are balancing their budget & maintenance expenditure.they also should exclude the word online from their course offered.

  2. Avatarrajni

    the course curriculam offered by the Rajib gandhi institute of intellectual property management of nagpur should be conducted by the ministry of commerce & industry fro the different region of india where trade mark ofiice are their.why the authority of RGIIP will gain at the cost of student & professional.you cannot concetrate technology in the hands of few who have well of to bear the expenditure.the course should be computer oriented & online filing is must for these you have bring professional who have both access & experience in online filing. the 3/4 time should be spent for online out of total course hours.it is fact that you are not providing course material to those who are attending these course.
    please decentralise this course offer from like kolkat, Mumbai, delhi Chennai & Amadabad.the authority sre enjoing all the facility of central Govt Jobs & their pocket are fat , how they will understand the suffering of common aspirant.


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