Agreement reached on Treaty for the Visually Impaired!

Some great news came out of Marrakesh last night as negotiators and civil society took to social media to celebrate consensus finally being reached on the Treaty for the Visually. KEI also put out a short clip of the reactions and congratulations going around just after the agreement was reached – available here. Mr Raghavender, Registrar of Copyrights and part of India’s delegation, is at 2:15 and he notes that “it’s a great day in the history of Copyright law today”. Jamie Love of KEI’s tweeted, “WIPO reaches historic agreement on treaty for blind… blind and civil NGO extremely happy.”
This agreement had a long and hard journey but despite opposition where there should’ve been none, it seems to have finally come to a fruitful conclusion – one that finally puts in place a legal regime that allows print disabled people to get access to print material that everyone else can take for granted.
The draft has been made available by IP-Watch here. We should be able to cover the treaty in more detail on the blog soon. As per Mr Raghavender, “Only ritual of official adoption will take place in Marakesh Diplomatic Conference in a couple of days.” More reactions from people who’ve been working hard towards this are available here. A big congratulations to all those who worked so hard over the last 5 years to get to this result! And lest we forget one of the strongest proponents for this treaty – hopefully this final outcome is one that Rahul Cherian would’ve appreciated as well.


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