SpicyIP Tidbit Update: Thai Compulsory Licensing issuance of Antiretroviral

This is regarding the recent post( here) on the Thai Government’s plans to issue a compulsory licence for an anti-retroviral drug Efaverenz, as reported by IP Komodo. The post has been updated to reflect that the first compulsory licence was issued in 2006, which expired in 2011. Furthermore, the drug was be manufactured by the Government Pharma Organisation(GPO) on a five-year compulsory license. In fact, the Thai govt. imported generic Efaverenz from Ranbaxy as an interim measure in 2007 until the GPO had production of the same in place.

We thank our diligent readers for informing us of the same in the comments section.

Anubha Sinha

Anubha Sinha - @anubhasinha_ on Twitter — is a graduate of Dr. RML National Law University, Lucknow, and presently works at the Centre for Internet and Society. She also blogs on www.cis-india.org

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