GIIP Course on International Training & Certification (2013)

GIIPGlobal Institute of Intellectual Property (GIIP) is organizing it’s first Annual Intellectual Property training event at Bangalore from 11-16 November 2013. The event is scheduled to take place at The Chancery Pavilion Hotel, Bangalore. The event will witness various skill building certification training programs from Certifying bodies from the US, Europe and a few IP experts. A team of 12 international trainers will address topics of immediate interest in the field of intellectual property in India and South East Asian countries. Professionals from the technical, business and legal communities will gain valuable insight and hands-on experience by participating in our unique winter program. We are aiming at creating a platform with the latest information, most senior delegates, and most practical case analysis to help the IP practitioners. The magic event is the sequel of our successful IP events during the past five years. It will expectedly attract 180+ senior IP practitioners from multinational companies and Indian local companies covering different industries.

For details, please visit http://events.giipinfo.com

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