Patent office announces the result of patent agent’s examination 2013

The Indian Patent Office announced the results of the Patent Agent examination held in May 2013 last week on September 23, 2013. The results are available on the website of the Patent Office here.

The overall pass percentage for the exam is approximately 24.98% or 25%.  This is an increase of about 6.5% as compared to last time (2011). Out of 1829 candidates who appeared for viva and written examination, only 457 have passed.

Our hearty congratulations to those who have cleared the exam!!

On an additional note, it seems that the candidates who failed the exam because of viva is low as compared to previous years results. I have not done a detailed analysis, but I believe that there are five candidates who failed even though their percentage in Paper – I and II is more than 60%.

Our patent office followed a new pattern of examination from this examination. The weightage of viva was reduced to 25% of the overall marks in the written examination. (50 marks for viva, and 200 marks for written papers). This seems to be one reason why there is a jump in the pass percentage.

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Rajiv Kr. Choudhry

Rajiv Kr. Choudhry

Rajiv did his engineering from Nagpur University in 2000 in electronics design technology. He has completed his LL.B. from Delhi University, Law Center II in 2006, while working as an engineer at ST Microelectronics in NOIDA. After his LL.B., he went on to The George Washington Univeristy, Washington DC to do his LL.M. in 2007. After his LL.M., he has worked in the US at a prestigious IP law firm based out of Philadelphia. Till 2014, he was Of-Counsel to a Noida based IP law firm where he specialized in advising clients on wireless, telecommunication, and high technology. Rajiv is the founder of Tech Law Associates, a New Delhi based law firm specializing in IP law, with a focus on high - technology, and patent law. His core IP interest areas are the intersection of technology and IP, Indian IP policy, innovation, and telecommunications patents. He is also an inventor with pending applications in machine-to-machine communications domain (WO2015029061).


  1. Avatarpalak

    Please do let me know what documents are required for REGISTRATION and RENEWAL of registration… And can renewal fees be paid in advance for few years.. Please reply

  2. Avatarpalak

    Please do let me know the documents to be submitted for REGISTRATION and RENEWAL of registration and do we need to submit the character certificate during renewal also and can fees be paid in advance for more than one year.. Please reply

    1. AvatarKumar

      Hi, Did you receive the registration certificate or any communication regarding when they will be dispatching the same.


  3. AvatarRahul

    I received following reply for documents required for registration:

    Yes, the yearly fees can be paid in advance.

    > i) Demand Draft for Rs.2500/- (Rs.2000/- for registration and Rs.500/-
    towards continuation fee for one year).
    > ii) Two Recent Passport Size photographs.
    > iii)Original Character Certificate.
    > iv)Specimen signautre (2)
    > v)Attested copies of Degree certificate
    > vi)Attested copy of document evidencing date of birth
    > vii)Attested copy of document evidencing citizenship.

  4. AvatarAnonymous

    It’s a real pity to see the quality of Patent Agents in India. The entire exam is a big sham. I would bet that not more than 1% of those will even be able to qualify or pass a single paper of the EQE.
    People without any experience in drafting and prosecuting applications pass the exam.

    We need to change the system to follow the EPO practice, in terms of the Exam pattern and also eligible candidates should have practiced under a licensed agent for at least 3 years, and should at least have a Masters degree in Science/Technology. This way we can ensure that we have good patent agents.

    A classic example is the decision of the Madras High Court of Mr. Chokalingam who challenged S126 of the Indian Patent Act, and even the judge says that an Advocated’s daily job involves drafting and pleadings. What a joke this is.
    Drafting a patent application is much more difficult and different than drafting a legal document.
    We need to rethink the PA policy completely.

    1. AvatarKumar

      EQE is different from Indian Patent Agent exam (IPE). I guess if you are good at memorizing and know how to draft you can pass. EQE is open book you can use boos for the exam. And all will have 2 or 3 yrs experience as working in a patent attorney. But in India, just pass and you acquire the skills within 1 or 2 yrs. So both are almost same! Get practical experience and take exam in EQE. Pass IPE and get experience within 1 or 2 yrs. Both are same and I don’t find big difference.

  5. AvatarMr.A.V.Ramana Rao

    CGPDT may kindly inform the status of the Orders Passed by The Hon’ble High Court of Judicature of Madras in W.P.No.8472 of 2006 dated 15-03-2013 where in all those who are Practicing Advocates are eligible to practice as PAs by paying the prescribed fees and need not get qualified in the PA Exmn conducted by CGPDT.Is there any Stay on the said proceedings by the Hon’ble Apex Court or is CGPDT implementing the Orders of the said High Court?Is it possible to reply this querry.
    Regards, Ramana Rao

  6. AvatarKumar

    Hi Friends,

    Did anybody receive their Patent Agent Registration certificates for the year 2013? I have not received yet. Also, is there any news regarding when it can be expected?


  7. Avatarsandeep

    i don’t know why the patent office delay so much to forward the patent agent registration certificate and update the status in the electronic register of patents.they should be expeditious in these kind of proceedings, so as to place themselves in the top 10 patent offices in the world.

  8. AvatarAnon

    Can anyone give me a link that provides ideal solutions for Patent Agent Examination 2013 written papers?

  9. Avatarsdg

    I applied for the patent agent registration on 25th Nov 2013, but have not yet received the registration number or certificate.

    Does anyone else have a different experience?

  10. AvatarVishnu

    Hi Team,
    When would be the next Patent Agent exam for the year 2014?

    Unable to locate relevant information @ Registry’s website. Moreover, looks like they are not conducting exams every year.

  11. Avatarr k jain

    I wish to renew my already existing name in register of patent agents. Is it possible to do so online. If so please send me the link to do so.
    Patent Agent


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