Event: Pharma IPR Conference, February 2014

Date : February 26, 2014 - February 28, 2014
Nature : International IP Conference for Pharma and Biopharma
Location : Mumbai
Contact : Website:

IPR conferencePharma IPR is a very targeted conference focusing on patent related matters for Pharma and Biopharma Industry across the globe.  The date and venue for the conference is: 26 to 28 February, 2014 at Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport, Mumbai, India.


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The theme of the conference is ‘US Patent Law in 2013: Winds of Change’. As the title suggests, the conference aims at highlighting and discussing important US Patent rulings that can have a bearing on Indian generic drug companies. The conference agenda will cover debatable and interesting aspects of patent law such as:  can discoveries be patented in light of the US Supreme Court cases of Mayo and Myriad, disputes regarding brand-generic patents and questions regarding shifting of attorney fees/costs, the ‘American Rule’ (each party bears its own costs) versus the ‘European Rule’ (loser pays winner’s attorney fees and/or costs).

The speaker for the conference is Mr. Jeffrey Alan Hovden who is a partner at the New York office of Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi L.L.P. He practices in the area of patent litigation and focuses on generic pharmaceutical patent cases.

Some of the critical areas that will be covered by the speaker, in line with the theme of the conference, are:

  • What kind of pharmaceutical and diagnostic compounds and processes can obtain a patent in the US?
  • Whether the new, cheap and fast patent-challenge procedures are right for Indian companies in the life-sciences area?
  • How to avoid paying attorney fees for the other side in US litigation and how Indian companies may be in a position to shift costs?

Aparajita Lath

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