Announcing the SpicyIP Fellows for 2014 – 2015!

With nearly 70 entries over the course of 6 weeks, from 14 different law schools, we’ve had a terrific response to our call for applications to the 2nd Annual SpicyIP Fellowship! Of all the submitted entries, 24 entries made it as guest posts to our blog. We were very pleased to note the marked increase in participation as compared to last year when we received about 40 submissions of which we published 18. The criteria for selection included topic choice, research, analysis, clarity and language skills. The year long Fellowship begins on February 1st, 2014 and runs on till January 31st, 2015.

The competition was tough with five participants making it to our finalists list. After due consideration, we’d like to invite the following three participants to be our SpicyIP Fellows for the year 2014-2015. In no particular order, they are:

1. Spadika Jayaraj: Spadika is a 3rd year student from NLSIU, Bangalore. Of the four entries she submitted, three were selected and published as guest posts. We could not publish her fourth post as another blogger on the team had already covered that topic. The three published posts are:

  • //spicyip.com/2013/12/guest-post-ipab-dismisses-challenge-to-kibows-product-patent.html
  • //spicyip.com/2013/12/guest-post-to-parody-or-not-to-parody.html
  • //spicyip.com/2013/12/guest-post-honesty-in-disparagement-colgate-v-hul.html

2. Thomas J. Vallianeth: Thomas is a 3rd year student from NLU, Jodhpur. Four of his entries were published. They are:

  • //spicyip.com/2014/01/guest-post-3d-printing-and-indian-copyright-law.html
  • //spicyip.com/2014/01/guest-post-deconstructing-the-facebook-privacy-notice-copyright-and-privacy-protection.html
  • //spicyip.com/2014/01/guest-post-dow-jones-and-msm-resurrect-the-hot-news-doctrine.html
  • //spicyip.com/2014/01/guest-post-copyright-aspects-in-open-world-gaming.html

3. Devika Agarwal: Devika Agarwal is a 4th year student at RMLNLU. In true rapid fire style, Devika sent in 6 submissions for the fellowship, of which we published five – all within the first 4 weeks of the fellowship application period. We had announced earlier that she will be a 2014-2015 Fellow in our team. Her submissions were:

  • //spicyip.com/2013/12/guest-post-copyrightability-of-characters.html
  • //spicyip.com/2013/12/copyright-in-photographs-versus-social-networking-sites.html
  • //spicyip.com/2013/12/guest-post-keep-calm-and-share-copyright-not-being-infringed.html
  • //spicyip.com/2013/12/guest-post-whats-in-a-name.html
  • //spicyip.com/2013/12/guest-post-amul-girl-and-her-filmi-avatars.html

The two other finalists were Sadhvi Sood, a third year student from NUJS and Shashank Mangal, a fourth year student from ILS – both of whom also sent in great posts which you can view here and here respectively.

We’d like to extend our gratitude to everyone who took part in the second edition of our fellowship and contributed with their submissions, and we’d like to give a hearty big welcome to our three new SpicyIP Fellows for 2014 – 2015!

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  1. Avataranonymous

    Congratulations to three of them!
    One observation – out of 12 guest posts, only one is related to patents………….. Amongst all the forms of IP, patents create most of the stir and I think it should have been given a bit more importance (i am not questioning their freedom to write on the topics of their choice). To put it differently, is it an indication that we do not have sufficient talent to appreciate nuances of patent matters and write about them? Do we need more specialized courses in patent law alone……………………


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