Call for Interns and SpicyIP Fellows!

Are you interested in transparency and accountability in the Indian IP ecosystem and looking to work on engaging projects? Or think a decision is interesting to analyze and write an opinion on? 

Well, we have good news for you! 

SpicyIP is presently looking for enthusiastic individuals for the following positions :-

1. SpicyIP Fellowship: SpicyIP Fellows are typically sharp, passionate bloggers, interested in researching and writing on developments in intellectual property rights and the innovation policy scenario in India, with a flair to pick up engaging topics. The Details regarding eligibility, applications and evaluation are all here.  As Prof. Basheer had put it “Remember that we want only the very best. Ones that will passionately pursue our mission to democratise the discussion around intellectual property rights and innovation policy. And wean it away from an exclusive IP priesthood….. We only ask that you put out posts that are well articulated and stand the test of “reason”. Remember that we don’t censor! We only edit for language, logical consistency and back up references etc, and do not interfere with your freedom to write what you wish. But we will certainly censure, if you fail to deliver on quality.”

2. Interns: SpicyIP is also looking for a limited number of enthusiastic interns who can work on various parts of the blog’s activities with us. What will that entail? While each intern will be assigned to specific tasks, the range of activities would generally include digging into important IP developments, filing RTIs, writing blog posts, collating important cases and scholarship, etc. We’re looking for interns who can spend a minimum of 1 month, extendable depending on performance. We will have a preference for those who can intern for longer periods of time. The internship will be virtual. If you’re interested, please share your CV, a cover letter and 2 research papers you’ve authored with at least one on an IP issue. While applying, please indicate exactly how much time per week you will be able to commit, as well as if there is a specific area of IP that you would like to work in. While not necessary, please also feel free to propose an IP accountability or transparency related issue you would like to work on! 

There will be a small stipend based on performance. Do note: we’ve now revamped our internship structure and programme, so in case you have applied prior to October and wish to reapply, (especially if we have inadvertently missed replying to your application) please feel free to do so. All new applicants can expect a response but do give us time to get back on your applications as we will only be selecting the best of the lot.

Please note, that we will not be selecting anyone who has an on-going internship elsewhere in the same period that they are applying for.

3. Guest Posts: Interested in highlighting a recent development or have a unique take on a decision?  Then be assured, we welcome engaging, well-reasoned guest posts on any significant topic that concerns the Indian IP ecosystem. Our guidelines for guest posts are here.  

To apply, send an email to [email protected] with the relevant subject line (“SpicyIP Fellowship” or “Intern” or “Guest post submission”)

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