Announcing the SpicyIP Doctoral Fellowship!

We are very excited to announce SpicyIP’s new Doctoral Fellowship!

The SpicyIP Doctoral Fellowship has been devised keeping in mind our commitment to foster transparency and accountability within the Indian IP regime. It will be awarded to select doctoral scholars in universities based in India who are pursuing their PhD in the broad area of intellectual property rights and/or innovation policy, and with a focus on public interest, transparency and accountability, or socially beneficial legal and policy levers. In addition to the Fellowship amount and stipend, selected Fellows will be given the opportunity to disseminate research findings and analysis associated with their dissertation topic on the blog during the course of the Fellowship. The framework of the terms is set out below. This is currently indicative and will be set out in formal terms during the selection process. Readers may have also noticed that the SpicyIP Website is in the process of being updated. When these updates are complete, the terms and application process will be made available on a dedicated page on the website, soon. And once the application process is started, we will complete the selection process by June 2023.


  1. The SpicyIP Doctoral Fellowship will cover tuition and university fees up to INR 1,50,000 per year. In addition, it will consist of a quarterly stipend of INR 45,000 for the duration of the fellowship.
  2. If the selected candidate’s doctoral research requires fieldwork or has other research-related expenses, an additional compensatory amount of up to INR 1,00,000 can be made available subject to scrutiny of how the expense fits into the candidate’s research proposal, the SpicyIP team’s approval of research methods, and data and funding requirements, as well as funding availability.  
  3. As a condition of the Fellowship, the selected SpicyIP Doctoral Fellow will be required to do the following:
    1. In consultation with the SpicyIP team, prepare an action plan and timeline for research and dissemination of findings and analysis with regular publications on the blog for the duration of the fellowship. This will consist of at least 2 blogposts per month. As far as possible, this research and research plan will overlap with the student’s existing research plan for their doctoral programme.
    1. In addition to the above, the SpicyIP Doctoral Fellow will also assist the SpicyIP team with research or writing connected to a separate research project of SpicyIP’s choosing. This will be chosen with due consideration to the candidate’s experience and interests, and where possible, this subject matter will be closely associated with the Fellow’s existing research focus. The doctoral student’s existing academic commitments will be kept in mind while laying out a workplan related to this assistance. At minimum, it will require dissemination of research or analysis in the form of blogposts once a month, or the equivalent amount of work towards an on-going report.
  4. The Fellowship will ordinarily be for a period of one year (12 months) only. In certain situations, this may be extended at the discretion of the SpicyIP Team.  
  5. The quarterly stipend release will be subject to satisfactory performance by the candidate in accordance to the terms and conditions set out.
  6. The Fellowship may be rescinded at any point if the Fellow is not performing adequately or is not abiding by the terms and conditions of the Fellowship. 

Application Process (Not yet opened)

The application process will formally open soon and will be announced as such on the blog. In the meantime, the list below is indicatively the information that each applicant will be required to submit.

  1. Applicant Name & detailed resume
  2. University and Programme Details
  3. Any other scholarship or fellowship or fee waiver currently present including those funded by public or private organisations.
  4. Any other scholarship or fellowship or fee waivers currently being applied for, including those funded by public or private organisations.
  5. Any conflict of interests to be declared regarding research topic, or anything else that may be relevant for the Fellowship.
  6. Working Title of research topic: (with the understanding that the exact title may change during the course of your programme)
  7. Research Proposal: 800 word (max) note on your proposed research. It should clearly articulate the aims, objectives, research questions, originality and contribution to the field. It should note the appropriate literature, methods and address potential implications. In particular, it should explain how the research contributes to the public interest, or transparency and accountability of the Indian IP eco-system, or the understanding of socially beneficial legal or policy levers. It should also propose a timeline or plan of completion.
  8. Personal Statement: 500 word (max) personal statement. Among other things, it should comment on your motivation and suitability for doctoral research, as well as any inequity resultant challenges you may have had to deal with in your journey.
  9. Any previous research/academic positions:
  10. Any relevant training/experience in research methods and/or quantitative methods:
  11. Any other training/experience that the candidate views as relevant to the doctoral research or this fellowship application:
  12. Any prior fieldwork:
  13. Any special circumstances or reasonable accommodations that the candidate wishes to inform SpicyIP about:

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