Patent analytics apps and an infographic of the Indian Patent System

Rubal Walia from Relecura sends us the infographic pictured below, on the state of Indian Patents by looking over data (sources mentioned in the note at the bottom) from the last few years. Their numbers indicate that while the number of patent applications has slowly been rising, the number of patents granted annually has decreased substantially.

Those interested in patent analytics may also want to check out Bangalore/SF based Relecura’s mobile app which, to my knowledge, is one of only two mobile analytics app for patent data. It’s available for free download here (android and iOS).  The other app by Patent Buddy LLC is available for download here (iOS only). It would be great if any of our readers who’ve had a chance to use either of these apps let us know what they thought of them in the comments section below!

The infographic:

State of Indian Patents copy



Swaraj Paul Barooah

Swaraj Paul Barooah

Follow @swarajpb Swaraj has a deep interest in IP, Innovation and Information policy, especially when they involve issues relating to Access to Knowledge, Innovation incentive mechanisms, Digital Freedoms, Open Access, Education, Health and Development. After his BA, LLB (hons) from Nalsar Univ of Law, Hyderabad, he went on to do his LLM from UC Berkeley in 2010. He is now pursuing his J.S.D. degree from UC Berkeley where he is focusing on Drug Innovation Policy and Access to Medicines. Aside from SpicyIP, he is also engaged as a consultant on various IP matters, and is a visiting faculty member at Nalsar Univ of Law. He is also in the process of starting up a New Delhi based "IP, Innovation & Information Policy" focused think-tank.


    1. AvatarRubal Walia

      Hi Swaraj,
      HCL and Samsung in that particular section refer to their Indian entities HCL Technologies Ltd and Samsung India Software Ops Pvt Ltd. Hope that makes it clear. And, thanks for posting the infographic on your blog.

    2. AvatarNaveen

      Hi Swaraj….

      I am Science graduate (M.Sc. Chemistry from Hyderbad Central University)… Had 5 years of work experience as Intellectual Property Analyst… Would like to pursue One year law degree in IP in any of the United States Universities…. Can you please suggest me few University that allows foreign students without prior Law degree to pursue Law in IP…

      Thanks You,


  1. AvatarSachin Verma

    Data incorrect in the infographic: The Annual report of Patent office lists these top 5 applicants as “Top 5 Indian Applicants in the field of Information Technology” while you have stated them as Top 5 Indian applicants which gives a wrong impression….

  2. AvatarJagadeesh

    A simple question- the 2012-2013 report would mean fiscal year 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013? Or any other date range?


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