Spicyip Tidbit: The 2015 Rankings for Programs in IP and Tech Law in the US are Out!

LLM-US-News-Ranking-sliderAs LLM admission responses start to roll out, Hal Wegner brings our attention to something IP focused LLM applicants may be interested in. The 2015 U.S. News rankings for IP programs in U.S. universities are out and there are some big moves on the ranking table – both up and down. Stanford University’s IP program moves to the top of the list while Berkley drops down to second.

The significant movers are DePaul, Fordham, Suffolk, Penn and UCLA, each university having moved up by 5 spots, however, the greatest jump in overall rankings is by The George Mason University which, previously unranked, has now propelled itself to rank 15. The biggest drop on the ranking table was by Georgetown which dropped to the bottom of the list, from its 14th rank last year. The other universities that have dropped substantially on the rank table include Columbia, Duke, Michigan and Drake.

Though these rankings are (presumably) predominantly based on indicators for JD students, they still serve as a good compass for LLM applicants from India. That being said, it would be prudent for LLM applicants to look beyond just rankings when making their university choices. Some of these factors that are to be considered are illustrated in our post here.

Good Luck!

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