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SpicyIP Tidbit: WIPO releases database for economics of IP

wipo-logoWIPO recently released a very useful database of academic literature on the economics of IP. In their words,

WIPO’s Economics Literature Database provides an overview of key academic literature that has influenced thinking in the field of intellectual property (IP) economics. The Database is an ideal and convenient starting point for researchers, policy-makers, and anyone else interested in the economics of IP.

Divided by ‘IP instrument’ as well as by ‘theme’ to make it easily searchable, I for one am very thankful for such a database. The IP instruments include Geographical Indications, Trade Secrets, Trademarks as well as Copyrights and Patents. The themes include Commercialization, Competition, IP institutions, International Commerce and Technology Transfer, University Research and Industry Linkages amongst others.

Though full papers aren’t available here (copyright restrictions of course), short descriptions and bibliographical information are provided. You can find the database here.

I’ve only gone through a few searches but in my limited knowledge, it seems to cover all the major bases. A big thanks to WIPO for taking up initiatives like this!

Swaraj Paul Barooah

Swaraj Paul Barooah

Follow @swarajpb Swaraj has a deep interest in IP, Innovation and Information policy, especially when they involve issues relating to Access to Knowledge, Innovation incentive mechanisms, Digital Freedoms, Open Access, Education, Health and Development. After his BA, LLB (hons) from Nalsar Univ of Law, Hyderabad, he went on to do his LLM from UC Berkeley in 2010. He is now pursuing his J.S.D. degree from UC Berkeley where he is focusing on Drug Innovation Policy and Access to Medicines. Aside from SpicyIP, he is also engaged as a consultant on various IP matters, and is a visiting faculty member at Nalsar Univ of Law. He is also in the process of starting up a New Delhi based "IP, Innovation & Information Policy" focused think-tank.

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