Workshop & Conference on Intellectual Property and Public Health (23-27 March, 2015, New Delhi)

Attention: The deadline for applying for the event is 2nd March, 2015

The Institute for Studies in Industrial Development and Public Health Foundation, Public Health Foundation of India, Third World Network and Indian Society for International Law are co-hosting a week long workshop-cum-conference on Intellectual Property and Public Health from 23rd to 27th March in New Delhi. Details are as follows:

Some of the broad themes of the workshop-cum-conference would include: i) Intellectual property rights, access to medicines and linkages with industrial structure ii) International law – approaches, theory, policy and practice of patents iii) TRIPS – evolution, consequences and legal aspects; iv) Indian patent law and v) Biomedical innovation and innovation pathways. Specific issues underlying these themes are expected to focus on the implications for both industrial development and access to essential medicines.


Participants of the workshop-cum-conference will be selected based on the qualifications, experience and interest in the area of law, public health, innovation and industrial development studies. Research scholars pursuing 4th/5th year law, Ph. D in relevant area in Indian universities/research institutions and mid-level professionals/ researchers in civil society organization are encouraged to apply. Applicants for the course will have to write an essay of one thousand words to be considered by the organizers for their selection.


Out of the selected fifty (50) participants about fifteen (15) participants will be entitled to receive financial support to cover their cost of boarding and travel (equivalent to second AC train fare). Those selected will have to pay the course fee of Rupees 3,000 by March 1, 2015. ISID can offer, if required, financial support to all the other selected participants in the form of subsidised accommodation to enable them to participate in the proposed programme.


Desirous candidates may send their CVs along with a write-up of about 1000 words, giving their area of research interest, through e-mail to [email protected] on or before 2nd March 2015.  Further details and programme updates can be found at: http://isid.org.in/trainprog2015.html.

Spadika Jayaraj

Spadika is a student of the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. Apart from Intellectual Property Law, she is also interested in Law and Technology issues.

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