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458 Patent Examiners recruited, 396 begin work!

Here’s some good news to begin the week! Earlier this year to commemorate World IP Day the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (“DIPP“) had announced the appointment of 458 new patent examiners. This was done to reduce timelines for examination of patents and trademarks.  As per a recent Financial Express report, of the 458 new examiners, 396 have already joined work after training.

This indicates a four-fold increase in the number of examiners, up from the current figure of just 130 examiners. In addition, 100 examiners have been appointed separately for examination of trademarks and 263 examiners have been appointed on contract basis. With this move the DIPP aims to bring down the average time taken to grant a patent to 18 months and the time taken to grant a trademark to 1 month down from the current norm of 5-7 years and 13 months respectively.



  1. AvatarS Madhu

    None of the various recommendations and proposals to improve the quality of teh patent examination seem to have been implemented. Merely adding numbers will not help.

  2. AvatarRaja

    Just for the sake of stake holders as well as promised in IPR policy, DIPP had recruited some examiners. Some of them are started leaving and many declined to join due to bad working culture in the Patent Office ( Lack of transfer policy and No promotions for indefinite period).. Once they joined in the office Office started putting lot of pressure on them to dispose off huge number of applications in a month..As per the information it is about 30 files in 20 working days.. As there is no proper established policy … Higher authorities started threatening of transfer for the examiners who are achieving the targets set Higher Authorities ( 30 files ) ..Most funniest thing is ..The target for the recently joined examiners is also 30..


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