SpicyIP Jobs: Jean Monnet Geographical Indications Visiting Fellow at ANU Centre for European Studies

We are pleased to announce that the ANU Centre for European Studies (ANUCES) is inviting applications for the Jean Monnet Geographical Indications Fellowship. The deadline for applications is November 30, 2017. For further details, please read the post below:

ANU Centre for European Studies Jean Monnet Geographical Indications Visiting Fellowship

ANU Centre for European Studies (ANUCES) has been awarded an EU Jean Monnet grant to undertake a project on geographical indications (GIs). The core of the project is collecting all available empirical work related to the real-world impact of geographical indications.[1] It also involves a critical review of this evidence. Based on this, the project aims to create a priority list for future empirical work on GIs.

ANUCES is seeking a Visiting Fellow to undertake this core work. The position would particularly suit a post-graduate, post-doctoral or recently retired researcher with skills to identify and assess empirical materials related to the impact of GIs. Ideally this work will be undertaken by March 2018 and will involve:

1. surveying the existing empirical literature on GIs;

2. critically assessing this under at least the following potential key headings:
a. consumers’ willingness to pay a premium;
b. impact on the net income of producers (including by type of producer);
c. impact on rural development.

3. writing the results up as an ANUCES Background Paper, including a tentative assessment of major gaps in the existing knowledge about GIs. This paper will be a major input into an Academic Workshop. The author will also be free to develop the paper into a format suitable for presentation at conferences and/or publication in an academic journal.

Funds are available for a 3-month Visiting Fellowship. These funds (of up to $A12,000) would cover travel to/from Canberra, accommodation and living expenses and some travel to State capitals to meet with agricultural policy advisers. An option of a further (unfunded) period as an official visitor at ANUCES is possible during which time the person can undertake any research project with a link to issues of relevance to the EU.

The occupant of the position will be a key participant in the GI Impacts Academic Workshop which will take place in Canberra, likely towards the end of March 2018. S/he will also attend the associated Policy Forum. The GI Impacts Academic Workshop is aimed at empirical GI researchers and agricultural and rural development policy advisers. The objective is to share the knowledge summarised in the Background Paper and to expose new empirical research that has not yet reached publication stage. By involving policymakers in the workshop, the discussion will focus on the policy implications of findings. A key output from the workshop will be an initial draft set of priorities for empirical research on GIs.

The Policy Forum will immediately follow the Academic Workshop so that participants in the academic workshop can also attend. The target audience for the Policy Forum is a much wider range of policymakers, including those responsible for GI policy as well as for trade policy and overall policy coordination. Trade negotiators, including representatives from the various EU embassies, will also be invited.

How to apply

Complete the Application Form and email it to: [email protected]. Send the Referee Form to your referees. Ask them to complete the form, attach their written reference, and email both to: [email protected]


Access the Application Form and Referee Form here: http://bit.ly/2xRZo4n

Further information

Contact the Project Manager, Assoc. Prof. Hazel Moir: [email protected]

Visit the ANUCES Jean Monnet Geographical Indications project page: http://bit.ly/2zHuhuo

[1] The report would build on last known summary of then available empirical evidence such as Herrmann & Teuber, R. (2011). Geographically Differentiated Products. In: Lusk, J., J. Roosen and S. Fox (eds.), The (Oxford) Handbook on the Economics of Food Consumption and Policy, Chapter 33, Oxford University Press: 811-842 and Belletti et al. (2011). The Effects of Protecting Geographical Indications Ways and Means of their Evaluation. Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, Publication / Publikation No 7 (07.11); second, revised edition, 09.11, http://www.ige.ch


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