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It gives me great pleasure to introduce to our readers.  Quickcompany is the first company I know that provides data based trademark and company related services in India.  Let me explain more: Quickcompany has managed to recreate almost the entire Indian trademark related data by using various techniques – some of these techniques involved putting multiple teams of people to manually download vast amounts of data.  Other’s involve creation of proprietary algorithms working on server based systems to fetch somewhat very data.   The result is that it has the most complete data set (after ipindia) for trademarks.  Newer TM journals have been digitized and linked to the mark / application.  One can view TM applications by state filings, and status.  Multi-class search was never easier.

One can also do a (free) TM search on directly.  Go ahead try it out – I am sure you will be surprised by the data and the way it is presented to users.  Quickcompany also plans to provide older TMs journals that are web based and searchable.  Similarly, these folks plan to make reverse image search also possible – these and many more features are in the pipeline and should be available soon.  Quite a few features including multi-class search etc. are free!  A detailed search can also be done at Quickcompany Tm Search.

Disclaimer: I am a legal advisor for Quickcompany and have helped in creation of system front end, law interface, and use case models.  Spicyip has not verified the accuracy of the data or the data provided by and any questions regarding the data or the completeness / correctness thereof should be taken up with directly

Quickcompany has also analyzed TM data for the past few years and have come up with interesting results.  The results below are compiled based on data created till July 2017.  Please note that the data is not 100% complete.  Hence Quickcompany takes no responsibility about the completeness of data.  Ipindia is the most complete available data source repository.

#Key Highlights of the current year 2017

 In India, there are 113892 Trademarks filed in totality during the period from 1st January 2017 to 30th July.

  • There are 15631 Trademark Applications lodged in the Trademark Class 5 which includes pharmaceuticals and other preparations for medical or veterinary purposes.
  • The Trademark class 13 which include firearms, weapons and fireworks have the least applications, totaling 97.
  • The state of Maharashtra has bagged the highest number of Trademark filings amounting to 24044.
  • With just 3 Trademark Applications, Mizoram stands last among different states in India.
  • Despite the seasonal Trends, a stark increase has been inspected since 2015, owing to the efforts of Make In India / Start-up India and India becoming a member of the Madrid Protocol (2013).

# Consolidated TM Filings in India 2017

Back in 2014, there were merely 118587 Trademark filings in India. The sudden jump in the figures was recorded in the subsequent years. There were 199625 filings in 2015 followed by 201403 in 2016.

A marginal rise was witnessed first in 2010, after that the filing of the trademark applications continued to be more or less constant.

A stark increase was witnessed in 2015 (perhaps effect of Madrid). There was a direct jump by almost 81,038 applications.  ince 2015 an increasing trend has been witnessed. In the current calendar year of 2017, it’s just been seven months and there have been 113892 trademark applications filed.

Chart 1: Total Trademark Application IDs from Jan 2008 – July 2017, India

Registered v. Filed

In the initial years, the number of applications filed were less in number, and the number of trademark applications registered were more.  In recent years, the position is reversed.  Per Quickcompany, there were merely 10,660 applications registered in 2016.










Chart II: Registered v. Filed

In my view, the figure should rise significantly for 2017 given the large recruitment drive initiated by the IP Office.

# User preference: Device or Word mark or any other?

Device marks are the preferred choice for proprietors: 57.9% versus 41.8% for word marks.  The remainder 0.3% is distributed amongst all other types taken together.











Chart III: Trademark type wise distribution till July 2017, India


# Trademark status wise distribution till July 2017, India

A Trademark application once filed with the registrar goes through different stages. Each stage is accorded with a status. We have the following statuses:

  • Registered | Objected | Abandoned | Opposed | Removed | Advertised before Acceptance
  • Accepted and advertised | Others

Out of the total applications filed, ~ 38.9% are registered.  There are ~ 6,32,958 trademark objections. ~3,23,883 applications were abandoned so far.











Chart IV:  TM Status distribution.





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