2017 Asian Edition of WIPO-WTO Colloquium Research Papers Launched

We are pleased to announce the recent launch of the 2017 and the first Asian edition of the ‘WIPO-WTO Colloquium Research Papers’, a joint publication by the WIPO Academy and the WTO Intellectual Property, Government Procurement and Competition Division. The publication is a compilation of fourteen research papers from the 2017 Regional WIPO-WTO Colloquium for IP Teachers and Scholars in Asia that was held in Singapore in February this year.

By way of background, the WIPO-WTO series of annual colloquia for IP teachers and researchers was launched in 2004 with a view to building sustainable national capacity for teaching and research on complex IP law and policy issues, in developing and least developed countries. In order to ensure wider dissemination of the ideas and experiences pooled at the colloquia, the publication of the papers presented by the colloquia participants in an edited, peer-reviewed academic journal titled ‘WIPO-WTO Colloquium Papers’ was conceived in 2010.

The colloquium convened at Singapore earlier this year was the first regionally focused version of this colloquium. It brought together a number of IP scholars from all around Asia and served as a wonderful platform for exchange of views on emerging IP law and policy issues relevant to Asia. It is the research papers presented at this colloquium which have been compiled in the recently launched edition of the publication. The online version of this edition (Asia 2017) can be viewed here and that of all the seven editions of the publication here.

Some of the papers in this recent publication include:

  • The Copyright Law of Iran: An Overview of Recent Developments by Ms Lida Ayoubi
  • Cross-Border GI Protection: Challenges and Ramifications for Bangladesh by Dr Mohamed Towhidul Islam and Mr Masrur Bin Ansari
  • Study on Intellectual Property Teaching in Vietnam by Mr Phan Quoc Nguyen
  • Teaching Intellectual Property at an Engineering University: A Perspective from Mongolia by Dr Dambadarjaa Purevdorj
  • Emerging and Enduring Issues of Trade Secrecy – A Sri Lankan Perspective by Mr Darshana Sumanadasa

As you can see, both topic wise and even author wise, this publication boasts a phenomenal diversity of sort. This special publication focusing on Asia was made possible thanks in large part to the efforts of Dr. Jayashree Watal of WTO and Ms. Martha Chikowore of WIPO.

The WIPO-WTO colloquium papers are reviewed by its editorial board comprising senior international scholars and officials. The current board includes Prof. Carlos Correa, Dr. Jayashree Watal, Prof. Daniel Gervais, Prof. Frederick Abbott and Prof. Shamnad Basheer (our Founder and Chief Mentor) amongst others.

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