Sixth Annual IP Mosaic Conference: The Arc is Hot!  Using IP to Further Social Justice [October 30-31]

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We’re pleased to inform you that the Institute for Intellectual Property and Social Justice (IIPSJ) is organising the Sixth Annual IP Mosaic Conference virtually on 30th and 31st October, 2020. The Conference agenda, timings and order of presentations can be accessed here. Registration for the conference is free of cost and the link for online registration is available here. This year the Conference will host presentations by leading IP scholars and academics including Prof. Carys Craig, Prof. Irene Calboli, Prof. Brian L. Frye, Prof. Betsy Rosenblatt, Prof. Jasmine Abdel-Khalik and Prof. Bita Amani, among others. Roundtable topics include equitable access to health, medicines, knowledge, and information; socially beneficial application of information technology and related advances to IP development and dissemination; legal protection for traditional and indigenous knowledge and expression; and promoting IP awareness, education, and entrepreneurial and socio-political empowerment in marginalized communities.

About the Mosaic Roundtable

Since 2014, the Institute for Intellectual Property and Social Justice (IIPSJ) has sponsored the IP Mosaic Conference, a peripatetic scholarly forum in which legal scholars and policy and social activists present and develop progressive theses in the field of IP Social Justice. Through the Mosaic Conference, IIPSJ collaborates with a law school host to provide a venue in which to explore the social ordering function of IP protection in the total political economy, particularly the law’s social justice obligations in promoting human rights and actualization, cultural and technological progress, and self-determination and nation-building. This year’s conference is hosted by Marquette University Law School.

About the Institute for Intellectual Property and Social Justice (IIPSJ)

IIPSJ is a think tank based out of Washington DC, USA, and founded by Lateef Mtima, Professor of Law at the Howard University School of Law. IIPSJ was established to address the social justice implications of intellectual property law and policy both domestically and globally. IIPSJ’s broad work includes the scholarly examination of intellectual property law from the social justice perspective; advocacy for social justice-cognizant interpretation, application, and revision of the intellectual property law; efforts to increase the diversity of the intellectual property legal bar; and programs to empower historically and currently disadvantaged and marginalized communities through the development, protection, use, and exploitation of intellectual property. You can read more about IIPSJ’s vision and work here.


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