[Sponsored] LexisNexis Workshop on Biosimilar IP Landscaping & 351(k) Litigation (September 2)

We’re pleased to inform you that LexisNexis is conducting a workshop on ‘Biosimilar IP Landscaping & 351(k) Litigation’ on 2nd September, 2022. For details, please see their announcement below.

Join LexisNexis Live Workshop:

Biosimilar IP Landscaping & 351(k) Litigation

 Friday, September 2, 2022

  3:30 PM IST

The workshop is aimed at varied aspects and challenges of the biosimilar development process. The main aspects of this event will cover an analysis of the innovator company’s patent portfolio, identifying and advancing the hurdles of biosimilar development, exploration of important patent assets for helping the biosimilar entrant in devising robust pre-litigation [351(K)] strategy, validity assessment, in-licensing and design around opportunities. The workshop will implement an intuitive use of our online analytical tool, which presents a multifaceted examination of a given technology and its sub-sections without the necessity of spending endless manual efforts.

During the session, we will discuss: 

  • Understand the Innovator’s Portfolio and their current R&D progress around the novel molecule
  • Know the quick legal status of relevant patent assets before the Biosimilar Launch
  • Identify in-licensing patent assets
  • Prior assessment of litigation risk: validity assessment, advance preparation of infringement arguments
  • Assessment of design around opportunities
  • Identification of potential patents for pre-suit licensing negotiations
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