SpicyIP Posts and Subscribers: Some Interesting Statistics

I just found out that we’ve completed about 350 posts now–since the first post in October 2005, when the sprawling corn fields of Illinois, Champaign forced me to keep boredom at bay by taking to blogging… Incidentally, we’ve also acquired an email subscription base of about 350 subscribers—perhaps one extra subscriber for each post that we put out!! If you know of any friends/colleagues interested in subscribing, please refer them to this post, which explains how to subscribe. It also…

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Roche vs CIPLA: The Final Day…

Apologies for the delay in bringing you the latest on this dispute (the court hearing on the 31st of Jan), as I’d been travelling. But thanks to Taapsi Johri and Jay Thareja for sharing their excellent notes with me–it almost felt like I was sitting in court and watching Singhvi take a shot at rebutting Jaitley’s arguments. As many of you may have heard, the court reserved judgment and it is likely that we will see a ruling on this…

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Are your pictures on Facebook?

The popular social networking site Facebook has come under fire for its terms and conditions which state that by putting up photographs on the site you grant to Facebook an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, fully paid, worldwide license to use, copy or publicly perform, display, reformat, translate and distribute such user content in connection with the site or its promotion.This may allow the website to use your photographs in its ads without seeking prior permission and may have serious repercussions…

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Innovation Patent

Global Warming and IP

The phrases “global warming” and “climate change” have seized our consciousness and some are applying IP to find a solution. In an encouraging, innovative move Stamford-based Pitney Bowes Inc., IBM, Nokia and Sony Corp. have started the “Eco-Patent Commons,” a website which serves as a forum for the sharing of ecologically sound patents. The patents can be accessed on the Business Council for Sustainable Development Web site which will allow others to modify existing products; as well as put up…

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Grassroot Innovation gets a helping hand

In the attempt to catalogue grassroots innovation the NIF has come across “A television set that can be viewed from all the four sides, a fishingrod that gives off an alarm when a fish bites the bait, a bullock cartwith brakes and a cycle made of wood.” These and other creations are soon going to be launched as commercial products.“NIF, whose main task is to scout for such innovations across ruralIndia and secure intellectual property rights for them, has so…

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NASSCOM recognizes IT innovators

8 companies will be felicitated by NASSCOM for their achievements in the Indian IT sector at the NASSCOM 2008 Indian Leadership Forum in Mumbai from 13 – 15th February.NASSCOM aims to reward those companies which have imbued innovation into existing knowledge and have benefited commercially from the same.“The recently released report by NASSCOM and Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Innovation Report 2007, benchmarks the Indian innovation ecosystem with leading innovation ecosystems around the world, and outlines recommendations for developing India’s innovation…

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Competition Law Patent

The Competition Act, Patents and Over Hyped Drugs – Part III

Lets start today with an overview of some of the sections of the Competition Act that might have a bearing on any patent related competition issues: Chapter II of the Act proscribes Anti Competitive agreements including tie-in arrangements, exclusive supply agreements, exclusive distribution agreements, refusals to deal and resale price maintenance. Sub-section (5) of section 3 however provides (inter alia) that the section shall not be read to restrict the “right of any person to restrain any infringement of, or…

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Biological Diversity

Biodiversity policy too restrictive, say scientists

A group of Indian scientists have published a scathing critique of the laws controlling biodiversity research in the country, saying it is too restrictive. They moot for improved standards as well as room for greater exchange with the international scientific community. TV Padma at SciDev.Net, an excellent resource for discussions on science-related policy developments around the world, reports on an article in the latest edition of Bangalore-based Current Science by a group of scientists. She reports: [The scientists say] India’s…

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The Competition Act, Patents and Over Hyped Drugs – Part II

Before taking off from where I stopped yesterday, I must thank V. Ramachandran of V.R. Associates for informing me that the Competition (Amendment) Act, 2007 has been passed and sections 1, 2, 6 to 9, 11, 12, 17 to 18, 27, 29 to 30, 32, 40 to 49 (except sections 53B to 53U) were notified on 12/10/07. Now to continue… A report I submitted to the NHRC in 1999 looked at prices of insulin (a life saving drug) in India…

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ITC tastes victory in US Bukhara case

The New York Court of Appeals recently adjudicated on in favour of ITC Ltd relating to foreign trademarks and common law unfair competition claims. Overall, it is reassuring for foreign companies to know that they may be able to protect well-known trademarks in the US, even without registration or actual use there. A brief roundup of the facts: ITC opened two branches of its near legendary Delhi restaurant Bukhara (rated the best in Asia, and among the best in the…

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