Indian Ingenuity in the Pharma industry – not just generics

Eli Lilly and Glenmark announced last week a deal in which Lilly will license from Glenmark the rights to a new set of molecules (a portfolio of TRPV1 antagonist molecules, including a clinical compound, GRC 6211.) The world has for some time been well aware (and impressed) with the performance of India’s top ‘generic’ companies. In an interesting example of taking a generic IP Strategy to the next level, Lupin entered into two recent IP portfolio sales to Servier earlier…

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SpicyIP Events

1. Symposium on Intellectual Property and Life Sciences Regulation organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization in cooperation with the Stockholm Network: November 16, 2007 Rapid evolution in the life sciences – in biomedical research, in agricultural biotechnology – has spurred two related trends, of relevance to policymakers: sharp increases in patenting activity, and strong public interest in ensuring appropriately rigorous regulation of new biotechnologies. And the interaction between intellectual property protection and regulatory mechanisms in the life sciences has…

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SpicyIP Tidbits

1. Bajaj-TVS spat revs up again India’s second largest two-wheeler manufacturer Bajaj Auto Limited (BAL) on Saturday has asserted that the company is going to take necessary steps so that its intellectual property rights (IPR) remain protected. BAL is currently involved with TVS Motor Co over a patent issue involving the BAL’s Digital Twin Spark-ignition (DTS-i) which it claims TVS has copied in its new 125cc bike Flame. Flame is expected to hit the market by next month. Refuting Bajaj’s…

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Biological Diversity

The Biological Diversity Act

How many of you have heard of the Biological Diversity Act, 2002? I had heard about the Act long ago but somehow never got down to actually trying to understand it and when I did get down to it while researching for this post I was quite stunned with both, the importance of this Act and the seemingly muted discussions of such an important piece of legislation in the mainstream press. Unlike The Patent Act which is considered the ‘sexier’…

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IP and Traditional Medicine.

The lush flora in the State of Karnataka, besides providing the calming green to the eye, offers a manna of medicinal and therapeutic prescriptions. Popularly hailed as the Garden City of India, Bangalore the State Capital of Karnataka has woken up to the fact that the vegetation in the forests of the Western Ghats region of the State has great potential in contributing to the burgeoning Indian Traditional Medicine(TM) and Complementary/Alternative Medicine (CAM) industry, now fast gaining ground on the…

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Babel’s back

It’s a story that’s been doing the rounds for some days now. Internationalised Domain Names, or IDNs, have come home: it will soon be possible to own domain names in a handful of Indian languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi and Sanskrit. The National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) announced the launch of IDNs in five to six languages in the first phase of an ambitious project beginning early next year. (NIXI is a non-profit government agency that serves as…

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Government’s foolish proposal vetoed by Natco

Readers will recollect an earlier post, where I lamented on a government proposal to have the IPAB decide the Novartis patent matter without a technical member. Thankfully, a sensible Natco has opposed this move. The Hindu reports: “Hearing on the Novartis AG’s plea to exclude a Technical Member of the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB) from hearing its statutory appeals against rejection of its patent application was on Tuesday adjourned to November 6 by the Madras High Court. Proposal opposed…

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US Enablement Case: Relevance for Novartis Patent Case in India

Harold Wegner’s timely email updates brought an excellent opinion by Judge Kimberly Moore to my attention. I’ve sat in her court once and she is fabulous (a razor sharp mind combined with a keen sense for the broad policy issues–she’d been an academic prior to her career as a judge). Hal’s email states: “Today in Pharm. Resources, Inc. v. Roxane Laboratories, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2007), (Moore, J.), in her first important pharmaceutical opinion, the newest member of the court authored…

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Spicy Tidbits & Events

Prizes instead of patents for pharmaceuticals Senator Sanders introduced the Medical Innovation Prize Fund Act of 2007 into the US Congress. In essence the idea is to provide a large fund of money to provide government backed incentives (‘prizes’) to help direct pharmaceutical research into needed areas. The aim is to separate innovation from the proce of products. The prizes will be substituted for patent monopolies (though patents would still play a role in who gets each prize). The team…

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The Uneasy Alliance between Basmati & IP

Once upon a time many years ago an evil prince tried to pirate our ‘queen of rices’ – ‘basmati rice’ – but luckily our ever vigilant government challenged the pirates in an adversarial duel (3 years late!) and won back our ‘basmati’ swearing to protect this ‘queen of rices’ from the bio-‘Pirates of America’. ‘Basmati’ – Patents and trademarksI know the above introduction sounds much too over-dramatized, over-romanticized for an IP blog but those sentences are quite accurate of the…

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