Breaking News: CBI Raids Trademark Registrar’s House

Even as this message is being typed out, the home of ND Kasturi, Deputy Registrar of Trademarks is being raided by officials from the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation). These government sleuths are also simultaneously inspecting her office room (and files) at the Patent and Trademark Office, Chennai.

Allegations of corruption have dogged this Registrar for as long as I can remember. Once this raid completes, we’ll know if there was any truth to these long standing allegations.

Kasturi featured on this blog in relation to the controversial Manjal matter, where she cancelled the Manjal trademark, despite having no jurisdiction to do so under section 125 of the Trademarks Act. I had asked then: Daal mein kuch kaala hain kya? She also appears to have heard the matter on merits, despite the date being fixed only for hearing of the interlocutory application…and despite the absence of Marico’s counsel.

Lastly, and perhaps most damningly, she interpreted a contractual clause that was clearly in favour of Marico against it. This clause finds mention in the trademark deed of assignment between Oriental Extractions Pvt Ltd (assignor) and Marico (assignee). Mathews cited this clause in an earlier blog post and I reproduce:

“The Assignor represents that the IPR sought to be assigned to the Assignee under this agreement are free from any infirmities in their respective registrations wherever already registered or in the applications or the process for registration, wherever the registration is yet to be received, on any ground, including but not limited to an argument that the terms “Manjal”, “Pasupu”, “Arishina”, “Haldi”, “Holudh” and “Haldar” are descriptive of the products in which the assignor currently carries on any business or that they have a generic meaning associated with them in one or more Indian languages”.

Kasturi interpreted this to mean that Oriental Extractions (the assignor) was effectively representing to Marico (the assignee) that the Manjal mark was “descriptive”. Anyone with basic proficiency in English will know that the clause means exactly the opposite! Oriental was in fact representing that the marks were free of any infirmities, including any potential challenge to their validity on the grounds of descriptiveness. As to how a senior government official with donkey’s years of experience in the trademark office could have come up with this warped interpretation is beyond me. Perhaps its just a simple case of her not having had access to Wren and Martin (or equivalents) in the past? Or perhaps it goes deeper? Only time (and the CBI) will tell…

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  1. Hopefully this would discourage others from taking the wrong path.

    Perhaps the Registrar and the NALCO Chairman do not have political clout.

    Next of CBI’s hitlist – Arbitrators maybe ?

  2. Maybe it is just an eyewash…. What happened to Mr.Gupta (Deputy Registrar – Chennai) who was caught red handed for taking a bribe? Did that stop others from taking? At the most he lost his job and is well settled now 🙂

    Maybe CBI was not given their share this month and hence the raid 🙂

    1. The XII Additional Special Judge for CBI Cases today convicted former Trade Marks Registry, Chennai Deputy Registrar N D Kasturi and two others to undergo two years of Rigorous imprisonment in illegal gratification case.

      CBI Special Judge V Sofana Devi also slapped a fine of Rs 40,000 on the trio.

      The case related to that, during the year 2010 N.D.Kasturi (Accused one), the then Deputy Registrar, Trade Marks Registry, Chennai allegedly accepted illegal gratification from

      M B Ganesh & K.Sanjay, both private persons for issuance of Trade Mark Certificate as a reward by abusing her official position.

      The Anti Corruption Branch of CBI, Chennai, trapped her and later registered a case U/s 120-B r/w 13(2) r/w 13(1)(d) of Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988. After completion of investigation, 2 chargesheets were filed before the Spl Judge Court for CBI cases against them.

      On completion of trial, the accused Kasturi was convicted and sentenced to undergo Rigorous Imprisonment of two years, and a fine of Rs.28,000 has also imposed on her.

      M B Ganesh and Shri K.Sanjay was also convicted and sentenced to undergo Rigorous Imprisonment of two years. A fine of Rs 6000 each was also imposed on them.

  3. It must be a plot created by Marico. The Registrar has done her job. If a party is aggrieved in the MANJAL order there are forums up.

    The public feel that MANJAL is a public property.

  4. your hunch is right shamnad. the manjal orders were procured under-hand. i can’t say or disclose more! truth will come out soon. and all involved will pay the price.

  5. registrar has done her job?? collecting notes from the parties? manjal may be a weak trademark and may have deserved cancelling. but was the order obtained properly? or underhand? if that stupid murti had shut up, none of this would have come out. does murti’s clients know that he has damaged their case by asking spicyip to shut up. he should have first shut up!

  6. Dr S K Marwah

    Passing of an order is discretion and if somne one is not satisfied with the order passed by a Deputy Registrar , the same can be assailed before the appellat board.
    CBI is not a remedy. ( It is not the registrar who passed the orders, the subject matter but it was a Deputy Registrar ) The worde Registrar should not be used as the same is an other designation which is not concerned with the matter

  7. This is after some years of another Patent Office Staff from Mumbai being stuck in corruption related mess, right Shamnad?

    Freq. Anon.

  8. Congrats, SpicyIP! The blog was the first to break the news to the world at large.

    It is a known fact that corruption is rampant in the Trademark Offices but to say that Kasturi is the only one who is corrupt or this was instigated by one aggreived company, is like closing the eyes to the bright sun, to claim it is night. Regular practioners have known Kasturi’s attitude and have had to scum to the pressure. This goes beyond the officers that are directly implicated, the nexus with practioners and firms have to also be investigated.

  9. I am the advocate appeared in the Manjal case. I have read the comments of Mr.Anonymous. Dear Mr.Anonymous if you are so certain of the underhand dealings please come open. Mind that you are spoiling a system.

    Marico and its anonymous agents may not like the order. But the society as a whole feel that they have won by redeeming a public right.

    Please note that now my client is not even in a position to pay a second class railway ticket to Chennai. I too cannot afford the luxury of corrupting the officials.

    Please spare us. You are commiting a sin.

    John Mathew

  10. Dear Shamnad,

    A few years back Mr.Gupta, then Registrar of Trade Marks, was arrested red-handedly. Everybody in the field of Trade Mark practice, especially in Chennai, eagerly wished why not the same should not happen in Kasturi’s case as most of them aware her corrupt practice. Even many trade marks advocate in Chennai suspected the arrest of M.C.Gupta as a handy work of Kasturi in connivance with her close T.M. Attorneys. That suspicion had a logical reason since there were cold war running between Gupta and Kasturi. It was not only in handling of designated trade marks works (power sharing) but also in capturing and sharing of flourishing money in these areas. The cold war was also considered a war between South and North.

    As an advocate practicing in Chennai Registry I know very well what happened in registration of a mark ‘Miot Hospital’. The mark was allowed for ABA and was also entered in note sheet also. Only thing what did not happen was the party failed to pay such a huge amount (in Lakhs) and when the bargain failed, she cancelled the order and torn the note sheet. Unlike the present set up where the order is passed and entered simultaneously in note sheet and in electronic entry, earlier it was done only in note sheet manually.

    Let’s hope the search and investigation by CBI an eye opener for many officials in T.M. Registry and the newly appointed Examiners should draw lessons from this bad instance.

    1. The XII Additional Special Judge for CBI Cases today convicted former Trade Marks Registry, Chennai Deputy Registrar N D Kasturi and two others to undergo two years of Rigorous imprisonment in illegal gratification case.

      CBI Special Judge V Sofana Devi also slapped a fine of Rs 40,000 on the trio.

      The case related to that, during the year 2010 N.D.Kasturi (Accused one), the then Deputy Registrar, Trade Marks Registry, Chennai allegedly accepted illegal gratification from

      M B Ganesh & K.Sanjay, both private persons for issuance of Trade Mark Certificate as a reward by abusing her official position.

      The Anti Corruption Branch of CBI, Chennai, trapped her and later registered a case U/s 120-B r/w 13(2) r/w 13(1)(d) of Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988. After completion of investigation, 2 chargesheets were filed before the Spl Judge Court for CBI cases against them.

      On completion of trial, the accused Kasturi was convicted and sentenced to undergo Rigorous Imprisonment of two years, and a fine of Rs.28,000 has also imposed on her.

      M B Ganesh and Shri K.Sanjay was also convicted and sentenced to undergo Rigorous Imprisonment of two years. A fine of Rs 6000 each was also imposed on them.

  11. This is the most funniest thing of India.
    CBI leaving people who makes lakhs of crores of rupees scams(for eg Spectrum RAJA, CWG Kalmadi, etc.) and harrassing innocent small govt employees just based on a complaint by a person who may be wants to take some sort of revenge.
    Even if the genuine crime is committed also it wont be more than 5000 or 10000 rupees or may be little bit more.

  12. A late action but better than never. Mrs. Kasturi who is on the verge of retirement had to pay for her deeds. Let this be lesson for other corrupt officials.

  13. It appears that Mr. John Mathew is a worried man. The comments that u receive are based on facts of the case. As far as we know from Registrar’s web site your client has applied for the certified copy of the order on the same day it was passed. I am a Chennai based lawyer and in view of the controversy this case was inviting my enquiries also reveal that what Mr. Basheer has written in his blog is absolutely correct. The hearing on December 20, 2010 was for IA filed by Marico. How can you justify the Deputy Registrar who has on the basis of said hearing went on decide the whole case. Mrs. Kasturi is paying for her deeds. Spicy IP is not corrupting the system in fact I would say that it is in fact helping to clean up the system.

  14. Spicy IP is not doing any thing bad. I compliment Spicy IP for highlighting such issues and suggest that spicy IP should continue exposing such events in the days to come so as to bring transparancy in the concerned office. The act done by Spicy IP deseves kudos as the same is in the interest opf public at large.
    Wedone Spicy IP Kindly keep it up

  15. The condition and stage at which the IP office is at this stage is the result of poor and care less adminstration in the oast. No controller General ever thought of checking the illegalities and bring the clean working.The officials were habitual of working only against consideration. In the history of this organisation for the first tie a bold, neat and clean Controller General joined Named as Shri P H Kurian, who broght a number of changes. His policies and innovations are best. Those who were habitual of corruption are now feeling disturbed because they can not encash on their oild procedure and practices . Kurian made the entire working of the office system dependent and not dependent on individuals. Every action taken by Kurian is beyond compare. No Controller General ever thought, what Kurian did. He is bold, intelligent and quick in action but the only problem is that the manipulators are still in the branches, who innovate new methods of manupulations. In short, the working of the IP office is improving every days and have improved thousands time after Kurian,s having taken over the charge.

  16. Well done CBI. There are still more who need your clutches.There are other branches of IPR who need your shadow

  17. CBI have done an excellent work. I say that CBI should also look at the other branches of Trade Mark Registry specialy Delhi branch. They will find a number of empoyees there fit to be prosected under the Prevention of Corruption Act. Congratulations Spicy I P and Congratulations CBI

  18. Mr. Mathews, It is true that a good has been done to society by removing an un-registrable trademark. But the means adopted by your client cannot be justified for the reason of public welfare. The law has to take its own course. I don’t understand why your clients and Mathew Son’s preferred to file Rectification petition before Registrar knowing the fact that the Registrar do not have jurisdiction to hear the case.

  19. Different opinions are being given qua the CBI raids and observations and comments are made against Mrs N D Kasturi without knowing the out come of the raids. In public dealing an officer sitting in chair can not satisfy each and every one, The simplest and the most common allegation generally made is of corruption. I request all not to make comments without knowing the facts of the case. Up till now it is only the raid by CBI and nothing more. Let us all wait and refrain from making comments As earlier said, passing of an order by an officer is discretion and if some one is not satisfied by the orders, he/she can assail the orders before the appellate board/High Court or so on. CBI is not a remedy against any pronouncement. Such an attitude may refrain the other officials from deciding the rectifications or opposition matters I am confident all readers will agree with me and shall not make un necessary comments on the concerned lady officer. Your comments are being red the world over. Let is maintain the dignity and status of the IP office and the officials of our own nation

  20. The present case of CBI raid shows that there is no transparent work system in TM offices. Only big claims are made as to transparency, however, the ground realities are absolutely different. What is allowed in one case is refused in another identical case, can it be called a `transparent system`. The TM offices do not give heed to applications seeking detail under RTI Act, which is highly alarming situation. Can it be said that our respected CG is not aware of the ground realities? I am not making eveb slightest alleagation on him, but the fact remain that single man army does not succeed. CG is just helpless due to lack of available/sanctioned resources to him. Can we do something??

  21. I was a examiner on contract basis at TMR, Chennai.I am sure that Mrs. Kasturi will not come clean. She is known for her corruptions and I am happy that at last the world has come to know what she is. It is known to all who had worked in TMR Chennai that she has nexus with some trademark agents and she always titled the law in their favour. During my stint as examiner some of us raised an objection in the f.e.r. to file excess character fee. It was a practice of one of the well known agent in Mumbai not pay excess character fee (Form TM-61) even if the characters in specification of goods exceeded 500 characters. He has established an office in Chennai to get his cases disposed off at an early date through Mrs. kasturi and filed almost all the applications through his Chennai branch office instead of this Mumbai main office. The concerned agent who is very close to Kasturi called her up and informed her of the objection and asked her to waive it off. We examiners tried to convenience her that objection is correct but she remained adamant and began shouting at us. The drama continued till one of us had the courage to inform her that the computer itself while taking up an application for examination shows up that there are excess characters in application and if we are stopped from raising such an objection we will have to report to higher authorities.

  22. It is funny that the CBI has conducted a ‘raid’ to unearth the procedural flaws on the part of a quasi judicial authority in exercising her authority in a particular case. No specific allegations of accepting/demanding of bribe have been made against her,but still the CBI thought it just, proper and inevitable to raid and victimise the officer.It would have been more appropriate if the CG himself had inquired the matter instead of allowing constables to verify the veracity of the proceedings or orders issued by the officers subordinate to him.

  23. Cleansing of corruption in TM registry is needed in large scale, as there are may other offices like delhi where intervention of CBI is also needed, making TM registry completely corruption free as there are many weeds still in existence and flourishing in corruption muddy waters in Delhi as well as in other registries too, rather it is high time for us (TM AGENTS) those who work in TM field to bring out and expose the names of other corrupt officials. so the registry works efficiently in coming years and making a model TM office

  24. Thanks for all your thoughtful comments,

    Latest update: Kasturi was arrested today. I am given to believe the CBI is investigating her for corruption in about 10 trademark matters or so…and the Manjal case is one of them.

    Also, I agree with the sentiments of the last anon commentator. It is our collective responsibility to help weed out this corruption. So please do keep posting individual instance of unethical practices….and if you think we can investigate it further and post on it, do let us know. And we’ll follow the lead.

    Unless these offices are cleaned up, our IP regime will suffer. If we keep insisting that CBI should only focus on bigger scams and leave out corrupt practices in IP, we’re in effect endorsing the present corruption and becoming a part and parcel of it. Of course, not all corrupt practices can be caught out…but one or two here and there will send out a strong signal.,,,and deter others from proceeding down that track..

  25. Unfortunately it is only those who do not know the “TOP GUYS” who get arrested for corruption. I am not saying that arresting a corrupt official is wrong but just look around and you will know how many needs to be arrested.

  26. I always wonder that wherever the corruption issue comes up fingers always pointed out to the concern Govt. official. If found guilty there are punish otherwise let go. In case of being guilty why action is taken only against govt. official and no action against the person[s] who have giving bribe. The corruption mess will only stop if punishment is given to both one who is happily giving bribe and the one who is happily taking bribe. Probably then the aam aadmi will be able to clap for the work well done.

  27. Given the amount of money/ assets that had been discovered from Mrs. Kasturi’s house by CBI it leaves no ground to disbelieve the allegation made against her. The assets recovered from her house is unbelievable and gives you an impression the IP tribunals in India are becoming a money minting machines for officers sitting inside.The public generally had a feeling that the corruption in IP offices are limited to 100 or 1000 of Rupees as pointed out by an anonymous writer above. But seeing the assets recovered from Mrs. Kasturi’s house it seems that the corruption is now running to lakh of Rs. It is high to clean up the Ip office and let governement/ CBI immediately take steps to raid the offices/ houses for other officials also. A few raids like this will deter officials from taking bribes and would surely go in a long way to clear up the IP offices.

  28. dear all,
    i dont know y CBI targetted only KASTURI, y not NATARAJAN,former GI head, he is much more curruptive than than kasturi tat whole world knows, wats the understanding between CBI and NATARAJAN?

  29. y CBI targetted KASTURI alone, y not NATARAJAN ,former GI head, known 4 curruption, his earning is much more than kasturi.

    wat is the understand between NATARAJAN and CBI?

  30. It is high time that all the trademark practitioners should unite to weed out the corruption. The trademark practitioners should stop the practice of giving bribes to get their work done on priority basis. I would through this forum like to request Mr. kurian to start up a drive to clear all the messy thing(s) that had happened in the TMR & Patent office through out the years. Once the backlog of previous years are completed surely transparency will come into the system. Give a deadline to all agents/ applicants to come up with their cases of previous years and appoint efficient/ non-corrupt officers to deal with it. I am sure that such a step will in long way help to eradicate the corruption in the IP field.

  31. Am not commenting about the case. Bt would like to share the experience I had when I went to enquire about the Trademark filing procedure. On that day, she was shouting over the phone with someone else, and with the same temper she shouted on me when I expressed my query. Really felt ashamed on her activities. Eventhough am in govt service, she insulted me. Just think about ordinary Indian citizen..

  32. i dont know, in the same building patent office also there, why the practioners not giving anything to patent officials , why giving money only to trademark officials. practitioners please help poor patent officials.

    patent controller

  33. Ananymous said…
    Mr Ananymous, if u r so sure on yr comments on Mr Natarajan, former GI head, pl come out with yr name. Dare to talk on face. Do not talk in air. U COWARD.

  34. To all those who are defending the corrupt official, read this:
    The anti-corruption branch of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested on Wednesday the Deputy Registrar of Trade Marks in the Intellectual Property Rights office in Guindy for possessing assets worth more than Rs one crore that were allegedly disproportionate to her known sources of income. The officials also allegedly seized gold ornaments weighing about 3.8 kg from her house.

    According to the CBI officials, the arrested deputy registrar ND Kasturi, who hails from Andhra Pradesh and whose husband Dayakar Nainar is a practising advocate at the Madras high court, was later remanded in judicial custody.

    Through their own sources, officials of the CBI’s anti-corruption branch subsequently registered a case and conducted searches at her properties in Chennai and Bangalore. The day-long searches resulted in the seizure of Rs 33 lakh in cash, fixed deposits for a value of Rs 85 lakh and gold ornaments weighing about 3.8 kg, a press note from the CBI said.

    Documents seized revealed that the accused was in possession of immovable properties, including two flats at Adyar, two flats at Tirupathi, one each in Mumbai and Ahmedabad and had a bank balance of Rs 10 lakh approximately in various bank accounts, officials said.

    “We has asked them to show the sources of income, but they failed to show it. Our balancesheet indicates that the couple’s assets were disproportionate to their known sources of income,” a senior officer said.

    CBI officials have arrested ND Kasturi and remanded in judicial custody till March 17 by the principal special judge for CBI cases, Chennai. She was booked under 109 IPC and sections 13 of Prevention of corruption Act 1988 which for possession of assets disproportionate to the know sources of their income thereby committing offenses punishable.
    When corrupt people like her are caught honest employees are happy and want to celebrate the occasion.

  35. CBI should atleast conduct a raid on two to three employees more to create a deterrent effect. In TMR, Delhi even UDC/ LDC will have properties worth crores. Well done CBI. Hope ur good work won’t stop with one official.

  36. Honesty in public service is the prime discipline for every human being in public service.Corrupt people are all glterring like gold in all offices and killing the spirit of honest people.But it is for sure like this event on one fine morning they will themselves proove all gliterring elements need not be gold and will loose their self respect for their life term.Those who are honest and dedicated need not worry about the collective comments against govt officials and shall keep continuing the good work.”sathyameva jeyathe”

  37. Corruption is gradually moving out from Trade Mark Office after Kurian’s joining as CG. He innovated system, where the officials will not come in contact with the public /agents but the staff of TMR innovate new methods of corruption.TM 60 is issued against selfish motives and are even delivered at the door steps. CG ordered that the TM 60 should be despatched on the same day but the orders are twisted to the benefit of the concerned. The officials carry bag full of TM 60 and deliver the same against consideration and for other who are out stationed, the same are not despatched.The TM 60 are also generated to the demand of the applicant. The corruption can only be removed when a couple of more employees are termibnated or arrested by CBI as in case of CBI. All sincere efforts of the most Sincere and Honest CG P H Kurian go waste with such posers in the office. It is correct that even UDC and LDC too have good amount of money. Yhe property of employees is much higher than their monthly income. Big flats/plots and bank balance which was never inherited are with them.Kurian must transfer the corrupt officials.Mr Anonimus, you are right that more raids must be made.

  38. Who so ever the Comments against Mr Natrajan is requested to kindly refrain from making such filthy allegations . Please donot make attack on the individual. If you are so sure please come out with the comments with your name. Donot hide your name, Be bold othewise kindly donot comment

  39. Congrats! to the most brilliant Shamnad Basheer and his dedicated team-mates for this expose… they seem to be very honest and highly motivated youngsters who go about exposing corrupt officials in IP offices in India.. they appear to have the blessings of Almighty God and very senior government officials like Natarajan and Kurien who is the one man army in the IP offices fighting corruption..

    It would seem that SpicyIP has taken off where has left off, at least in terms of IPR…i am sure these gentlemen will find time amidst their very busy academic and teaching schedules to focus their sharp attention also on influential giant pharma companies that manipulate our IP laws to their advantage..

  40. Congrats to Prof Basheer for his collaborative investigation and action with the CBI in nailing corruption in the TM offices … at long last, here is a man with spunk who calls a spade a spade… Brave-heart Basheer, took on Supreme Court Judge – Justice Markandey Katju and sought for imposition of a code of conduct for all judges. The learned judge whilst dismissing a petition seeking the “right to grow beard in school case filed by a muslim school boy” opined that any Muslim who sported a beard must, by necessary implication, belong to the Taliban!

    Prof Basheer sought for review of this case in a hard hitting article on this

  41. N.D.Kasturi is doing favours to her clients and her clients advocate..she is passing the ex- parte order without giving the proper hearing notice..the CBI have to check her connections with the trademark agents especially in mumbai which was her ex- boss..then CBI can reach in the depth of the nexus..well done CBI! best of luck!

  42. what do you expect. there is corruption everywhere and we have a eunuch as prime minister. kasturi is an ant compared to the corrupt judges. just look at dinakaran and kg balakrishnan.maybe you can write on that and whether judges have taken money in IPR cases.

  43. Let us hope and pray that we have more Shamnad Basheers and Prashanth Reddy’s in our midsts to take on corrupt officials… let us all join hands and support them by providing hard core evidence… let us pledge not to acquiesce to demands for bribes.. many of us have been fighting a losing battle against corruption in the judiciary amongst government pleaders and officials in key government jobs.. reading this report makes me feel vindicated … let us unite with Basheer against corruption..

  44. dear mr. anonmous,
    i request you please dont compare Mr.kurian and Mr.natarajan, its not opt comparision and dont spoil kurians name.
    better compare Mr.natarajan with former CG Mr.Chandrasekar, this is highly suitable comparision.
    i worked in IPR office for more than 10 years, still i need favour from him for another 10 years hence i cant disclose my name.For ur information Mr.Natarajn not only curruptive but he is very good actor, he talks like Gandi but really he is neither gandhi nor gotse he is exactly living “prmananda”. The way in which he dealt harassement complaint is horrible instead of facing the problem he threatened the lady in front of public is peak.
    no one give answer for his TA claim , his TA claim is much more than senior IAS officer.
    can anyone know y he is transfered from GI?
    no one give justfication for his many approval in GI specifically coimbatore grinder.
    just because some of his relatives are occupying very high post in minitry he is escaping moreover specifically of his powerful blood he is escaping.
    CBI raids people depends only on peoples community and their influence.
    i request CBI pls do some justice…., i never say tat kasturi is honost but many curruptive people are in trademark office their earning in much more than her….

  45. @ anon 6:10
    Katju’s remarks were inappropriate and unfortunate but the decision of the court was right.


  47. First a big THANK YOU to SPICY IP for doing a wonderful job as always.

    Phew! In a country of free speech and expression (exception: Goons coming to your house or the anonymous threatening phone calls )we see 35 anonymous comments out of the total 47 comments. Shame on us. Honestly begins @ home. When we are not honest to ourself what gives us the right to comment on others? How many of us have refused to pay that extra buck for a quick passport, ration card, electricity/phone connection etc. Many of us would have purchased lands and how many stood up to say that there will be no cash payouts? Maybe a few of us. Very few.

    There was a time when it took 15 years for a RC to be issued and when Mr.Kurian took over he ensured that the entire process was made faster. There are instances of the RC being issued as early as 9 months. Though the TMO’s were computerized several years earlier when was it actually given effect and was put to full use… maybe the last few years after Mr.Kurian took over? The search was made free, the journals made completely online, RC’s issued from a central point. Off course during the corse of this exercise the officials may not have been completely regulated. But that does not mean nothing has been done.

    Every anonymous commentator said that “they are aware of this for a very long time, one anonymous commentator went to the extent of naming one officer point blank. Now what were these anonymous commentators doing for such a long time when they know the officials are corrupt? They simply kept quite so that they get their work done? Do we call them opportunist?

    It is every Indian’s dream that the whole country becomes Singapore overnight at least in respect of administration if not the roads. But it does take time and it takes conviction on our part to ensure that every one takes part in cleaning the system.

    And last but not the least on Mr.S.Venugopalan’s comment – I am sure CBI has better work (2G, CWG, Bofers, Coffin/Arms/Clothes/food scams and all ther G’s,) to do than to read the anonymous comments. No hard feelings …

    Yes as it goes …


  48. 3rd march cbi arrest in Mrs.kasturi. no any change in office. only change Georaphical Indication Registry ex —–In Head of office.Future this office———–.9th march i am in chennai office filing in tm1 asusual waste expense

  49. there is nothing unusual in the ‘manjal’ order. the mark was not fit to be registered. directly describing the quality of goods. it was only fit to be cancelled. as per provision, the registrar can entertain an application for the same. technicalities like a suit pending in delhi court and hence rectification to be entertained before ipab etc are absurd when gone thrugh the facts. the parties are different in delhi court. hence as per provisions of the Act, nothing prevents registrar from entertaining an application for rectification. kasturi mam rightly acted and she is to be congratulated int his matter. if not, no other official shall become ready to take a big hand against unlawful monopolies created by MNCs. i know Mr. John Mathew, the advocate from kerala, who appeared for rectification applicant devine pharma. whatever u people say, i will not believe anything regarding bribing in ‘manjal’ issue. cause, mr. john mathew has such a good track in ip practice. he will never do such a nasty thing like bribing. he has been in the field for more than 15 years. i personally know him. he has a good practice and good background. he is a good believer of god too. regarding other issues unearthed from kasturi and her disproportionate wealth, i do not want to comment. but in this manjal case i am damn sure, she acted according to law. nothing induced her and the order is a fair one.

  50. I have seen the news and the comments here.

    I just want to know only one thing..What is the email id of Mr. P. H. Kurien. The patent office website always provides a wrong email id and all emails I have sent him have bounced. Possibly it is an attempt to prevent people from emailing him.. Can you at least get the real email id and post it here..I cannot reveal my identity for obvious reasons but I’m sure if Mr. Kurien can not get emails he cannot get files couriered to him also..You will be doing a bis service to the IP community by ensuring that this is correct.

    The Patent office website gives two email ids for Mr. Kurien..

    Email:[email protected] This mail will not even go.

    Another email provided in the list of trademark agents is [email protected] and this also bounces..

    Is there any concerted attempt to prevent the CG from receiving complaints.. Please check.

  51. i have gone through all the comments above. The corruption in the IP office is disturbing and all of us should strive together to clean up the system and help ourselves to hold our head high before the people in other countries. However, I find a few comments above which are targetting Mr. V. Natarajan, personally are highly offending and against the great tradition of this blog. It is unfair on the part of the Spicy IP to let publish such comments which are clearly with the nefarious intention to settle some personal scores. I know Mr. Natarajan personally for the last few years and to my best of the knowledge, he is one of the upright officers who belong to the rarest bread in India. He may not be soft spoken but one cannot point out any instance showing any corrupt praactice by him. It is a fact that he has several personal enemies inside and outside the office. I think this is the handywork of those people. However, Spicy IP should not allot its valuable space to such filthy tricks by petty minds. Hope, this discussion takes right direction.

  52. Mr.M.c.gupta arrest, mrs.kasturi happy. mrs.kasturi arrest mr.natarajan arrest whole ip office and agent haapy

  53. Natrajan appears to be the onloy honest officer in the entire IP administration in India. CBI or Spicyip could not find anything adverse against him so far.

  54. No one person catch tmr clean. 3person, No-1, TM-59, INCHARGE,he is very dangerous person. he is not give my one 59. i am miss one client. and my fees. No-2, Mr.K, world commission agent, we all are take the ticket in exhibition only, but he is tmr entrance ticket conductor. first floor two third floor one.he is fill in the home in office items. Mr.V.N. this mahan engrage in this 2 person. this 2 person no tmr, mr. v.n. safe

  55. I am a Proprietor of some of TMs. I had met her few times as an individual ( I am a small guy and can’t pay the lawyers huge fees as demanded by them) and I got good response from her on the TM procedure the staff also helped and I submitted my first application. After more than a year automatically it got approved. Some are pending.

    During my interactions I felt she was honest and very down to earth person… This news is shocking to me..

    I never could imagine she has taken bribe…sort of… mmm
    Am I wrong…?

    1. For me it was not shocking, because I had heard first person story of her demanding the bribe and making a police case upside down. during 2010. We are still fighting with police for that. Police claimed that, based on her letter they took decision. we are challenging that.

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