Need Co-Bloggers

If any of you are interested in joining SpicyIP as a co-blogger, please let me know ([email protected]).

We are particularly interested in folks that can blog on non patent related IP matters (copyright, trademarks, traditional knowledge, GI’s) or even “innovation” more generally or any other IP/innovation theme that has some relevance for India. The understanding between us now is that each blogger post at least once a week.

We intend to make this blog a one stop shop for leading IP news/cases/comments pertaining to India. The scope of the blog has expanded in the recent past to include a regular column on recent news (SpicyIP tidbits), comments (SpicyIP comments). It will soon feature updates on IP events (SpicyIP events), IP Scholarship (SpicyIP Scholar), IP Jobs (SpicyIP Jobs) and an online journal for IP articles (SpicyIP journal)

The blog is read by a fairly wide audience comprising practitioners, academics, students, NGO’s, government folks etc. So if you wish to be part of his exciting endeavour and make your voice heard, please let me know ([email protected]).


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