FICCI Launches IP Newsletter

Over the last few months, FICCI has been becoming more visible in the IP arena. Perhaps it has something to do with the joining of Akash Taneja (ex NIPO person and noted IP expert) as Executive Director and Sheetal Chopra, as Senior Assistant Director.

Their latest offering is a wonderful bimonthly newsletter capturing the latest happenings in the IP world in India. The December issue includes snippets on the Bajaj TVS patent dispute, the Novartis case, the Youtube copyright case in India etc.

SpicyIP is pleased to know that a number of themes covered by the newsletter have been featured on the blog (which means, we’re not way off the mark). Also, the news letter includes an interesting discussion on the history of copyright by Professor Alka Chawla. All in all, a wonderful newsletter–and we would strongly urge our readers to read this.


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