Good news for movie watchers

Moser Baer has developed an innovative strategy to fight copyright infringement. Read Shamnad’s post on Moser Baer and its pricing plans for more context here.

Moser Baer has brought over the rights to numerous movies ranging from classics like Kora Kagaaz to newer hits like Jab We Met which are being sold at prices ranging from Rs. 30 (VCD) and Rs. 39 (DVD to Rs. 34 and Rs. 49 respectively. Since these days most pirated versions cost more than this they’ve steadily chipped away at piracy – shopkeepers at Crosswords report they sell approximately 200 CDs and DVDs a day!

In the context of rising ticket prices due to the multiplex phenomenon Moser Baer’s pricing strategy has given its sales an additional boost. With better quality, lower prices and more sales almost everyone is happy except a few video store owners who benefitted from a larger profit margin and more flexibility while bargaining with customers.

Another smart move by Moser Baer is its foray into regional films. The article I’m using as a reference only speaks of Kannada movies but if the response Moser Baer has received is any indicator then Moser would profit immensely from tapping into the markets associated with regional cinema.

Find the full article here.


  1. Rohit

    As an avid collector of DVDs I have this to add:Moser Baer has not only put a strangle-hold on the “piracy industry” (I refer to it as an industry for it is nothing less than that) by its low pricing coupled with good quality DVDs, it has also managed to get the rights of new movies like Jab We Met, Halla Bol etc within no time. So when a consumer has the option of buying the said movies as pirated DVDs for Rs.70 and odd or the original for Rs.34 around the same time, then naturally the consumer would opt for the original – with the effect that it will help in suppressing piracy to a large extent and also make the consumer feel good about himself/herself!!

    Speaking for myself, I was rather pickled to find that I had spent over Rs.200-250 per VCD in buying the originals of several Malayalam movies earlier from people like Sana Vision etc when Moser Baer has now released all those movies for Rs.28 per VCD and Rs.34 per DVD!!!



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