SpicyIP Tidbit: Indian Pharma shows off its figure(s)

In continuation of an earlier piece blogged by Sumathi (with very comprehensive comments by sai which are a really interesting read) here is another post on Pharma MNC’s facing very stiff competition from their Indian counterparts.

The Economic Times reports that Indian companies have trounced fears that global pharma MNC’s would dominate our domestic market in the product patent regime post 2005 as in the last year the market share of foreign companies has fallen from 24% to 22%.

I find the individual comparison more fascinating and so am quoting relevant excerpts:

“UK-based Glaxosmithkline (GSK), which held the number one position in 2006 with 5.59% market share, has now dropped to the 3rd position with 4.51% market share, according to the sales figures of research firm ORG IMS. “

“…Pfizer the only other MNC in the top 10 also dropped one position and is now at 9th position with 2.3% market share. “

With regard to growth –

“…Both GSK and Pfizer posted modest single digit growth off 7.8% and 9.8% respectively during the period against high double digit growth by the Indian companies in top 10. “

“…Cipla the market leader which now controls 5.9% of the Rs 25,000 crore retail market grew by 18.5% while Ranbaxy Laboratories, the second ranked company, grew by 12% in the same period. “

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