SpicyIP Tidbit: The Railways patent!

In a major development that will open new vistas for the Konkan Railway, the Anti-Collision Device (ACD) developed by Konkan Railway, has been granted a patent in China, Russia and Singapore, opening up possibilities of export of the technology in future. It was first successfully tested by the Konkan Railway on the North East Frontier Railway covering a route of 1,924 km. Konkan Railway had applied for patents across the world in several countries and this grant follows the patent already awarded in India and South Africa.

The indigenous design for the ACD by Konkan Railway, contains a microprocessor that when installed in locomotives, guard vans and stations- acts on its own to successfully prevent train collisions in mid-sections, station areas and at level crossings- helping to drastically improve safety.

After this success, the Railways wish to implement this wonderful new technology in other sectors such as the Central Railway, South Western Railway, and Southern Railway.
Read the Government Press release here.

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