Thank you for making us #4 in the IP world!

After a two – phase assessment process spread over several months, IP Watchdog Gene Quinn has published his results of the top 50 patent blogs. We’re delighted to inform you that SpicyIP ranks in at number 4 in the IP blog world, based on a calculation system that has taken into account links, website traffic and votes. The image on the left takes you to the website. For details on methodology and detailed ranking results, please visit here.

Spicy IP would like to thank Gene Quinn for having conducted this “meaningful” ranking process, and also congratulate him for an amazing performance in the rankings himself. IP Watchdog clocked in at number 2, close on the heels of Patently-O at number 1, and not far ahead of one of my own favourite blogs, IPKat at number 3. We’d also like to congratulate everyone else who’s made it to the list, including several familiar names, notably Duncan Bucknell’s IP Think Tank (number 12), IP Watch (number 6), and Intellectual Asset Management (number 22).

As ever, we are extremely indebted and grateful to you, our readers, for having brought us here, through your repeat visits, constructive criticism, and of course, your votes. 🙂 Along the way, we’ve cracked some other milestones, including being in the top 2% of all websites, according to Alexa, and in the top 100,000 websites, according to Technorati.

We look forward to improving on this performance in the times to come. Throughout our journey with you, we remain committed towards fair, objective and accurate reportage and analysis of IP issues, with the goal of helping India’s IP policy develop in a healthy and transparent manner.

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