Indian "Bayh Dole" Problems: Some Resources

In an earlier post, I linked up to an editorial in the Mint highlighting some of the key problems with the Indian Bayh Dole bill. I also referred to a paper where I elaborate on these issues.

Some of you wrote to state that you had difficulties downloading it from the SpicyIP website. I have therefore now uploaded it to the SSRN website and you can access it by clicking on this link (and then proceeding to click the “download” button).

I’ve also come across some excellent writings and resources on this theme, as listed below:

1. Amit Ray and Sabyascahi Saha, Intellectual Bottlenecks, Financial Express
2. Latha Jishnu, “Perils of the US Model”, Business Standard
3. Mrinalini Kochupillai, The PUFPIP Bill, Journal of IPR
4. Leena Menghaney, “A Bad Example from the US“, Down to Earth
4. The CIS website: Collection of Resources on Indian Bayh Dole. See also here and this article by Pranesh Prakash here.

Given the hard hitting critiques in most of the pieces referred above, it will be a lamentable if the Bill goes through in the present form. One hopes that there will be some sensible refrains when it comes up for voting in Parliament.

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