Hindustan Times & Mint bring forth ‘Innovative India’

A large section of the populace may be unaware of the degree to which India and Indians have contributed towards shaping the skyline of the innovation scenario. Ranging from the touch-screen of an IPod that is a must-have for majority of the global populace to the humming engines that drive a jetliner speeding across the sky, India has done its share of filling the technology-basket through different ways of conceptualising, designing, modifying or stress-testing such technologies in one or another of the Indian laboratories. From being the back-office of the global business-line and providing low-end services, India has progressed to being considered one of the research and development hubs in the world. That is what Hindustan Times, one of the leading newspapers in the country, aims to portray in course of its editorial partnership venture with Mint, another leading business newspaper of India. For that purpose, the newspapers have collectively identified a set of companies, people and institutions, who have played pivotal roles behind the aforesaid transformation. Special features will be launched every Friday in the ‘Big-Picture’ page of Hindustan Times, starting from June 18, 2010, on these companies and people and this ‘innovation project’ is scheduled to continue for at least the next 6 months. In this way, HT wishes to bring forth into limelight the most innovative amongst the Indian companies, laboratories, scientists and entrepreneurs. For an announcement of the ‘innovation project’, see here.


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