ICICI Jingle Now Trademarked!

Private sector major ICICI Bank limited has registered its jingle as a  trademark. The notes forming the jingle have been registered by the registrar of Trademarks. This development definitely points towards a new chapter in the area of non-conventional trademarks. Safir Anand ,a senior partner at Anand and Anand noted that soon non-conventional trademarks will become the complete identity of the brand. Anand was acting on behalf of ICICI for the registration of the trademark.
The Indian Trademark Registry granted the first sound trademark to Yahoo Yoodle in 2008. A sound can be granted trademark as it is capable of being represented graphically through the musical notes used.

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  1. Details!

    Hi!!! I know this is old news, but would you know the application number for this?? I wish to have a look at the actual documents. 🙂


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