Want a Trademark Registration Within 24 Hours?

If you are looking for quick TM registration, your search ends here.BMC claims that it can provide easy and cost effective TM registration within 24 hours anywhere in India. The website reads :

“Our dedicated team assists you in simple, comprehensive and economical way of registering your brands and protecting it from possible infringement from competitors.
BMC is voted as India’s best trademark and copyright registration consultants, equipped with experienced and dynamic team of corporate lawyers”
One of the testimonials on the website suggests that BMC delivered the registered TMs within 12 hours. 
Pocket pinch is 6k!
Hat tip- Devanshu Jain

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11 thoughts on “Want a Trademark Registration Within 24 Hours?”

  1. big deal
    there are so many others who are doing it is one day or 24 hrs.
    these guys seemed to have used trademark registration in 24 hrs as a marketing funda.
    so i don’t find it spectacular.
    now there will be many more who will start writing 24 hrs.

  2. The web-site seems to be misleading the people. No one can attain trademark registration within 24 hrs in India as there is a mandatory 4 month opposition period. It seems that the web-site is talking about filing an application for registration of mark which any attorney/ applicant can do.

  3. “From a legal point of view it is not possible to get a trademark registration in India within 24 hours. Either this is a misrepresentation with a point of view of misleading the people into taking their trademark registration services or this company is using some unclean means to get registrations. Given the arrest of the Deputy Registrar of trademarks recently I am sure this will not continue any further.”

  4. It seems that Spicy IP has diversified its vision to keep IP environment transparent and added a new endeavor to its agenda. And, the new agenda is nothing but advertising for some law firms. We are not against endorsing justified efforts of intellectuals. However, a due diligence should be done prior posting such articles on Spicy IP Platform which is so renowned. Spicy IP has earned a good name in P community, thanks to your un-biased analysis of all IP issues. In such background general public believes in Spicy IP and takes its articles as non- prejudiced interpretation of various IP Laws and regulations.
    In this article, one would wrongly interpret that in India a Trademark can be registered in 24 hours. Being well versed in IP issues you must be aware about the BASIC difference in terms REGISTRATION and FILING. While Filing can indeed be done within 1 – 24 hours, Registration of TM in India takes long time.
    It further seems that Spicy IP and BMC are TM registries themselves which can give away TM like ‘Prasad’ without considering legal provisions of TM Act.
    Whatever be the fact, but general public should not be confused about the very basic facts and provisions of IP laws.
    May be “yahan bhi daal me kuch kala ho”? There may be under-table links with TM registry where officials are already facing CBI interrogation!!!!

  5. BLOGGER IS WRONG: I happened to go through the testimonials posted by the site, it reads BMC applied our trademarks in 12 hours and delivered all legal documents in a day. Refer- http://www.tm-copyright.com/testimonial.html Your blog says that BMC delivered the registered TMs within 12 hours. One is compelled to doubt that you are in turn advertising for the Site.

  6. This definitely a well thought of misrepresentation and not a mere mistake.
    I had seen this site earlier. It claimed in the opening page about the search being provided free of cost. However, when one enters the pages, it said that the search would cost Rs400/-.
    Now the contents of the website have been changed. Now it does not claim the REGISTRATION in 24 hours but it does claim filing of application within one hour anywhere in India.

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